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@schestowitz The is needed precisely because broke the web. This partnership will screw over the free world if CF has any influence over

i would love to get a stack of signs with dumb quotes, drive around town, and post them next to ppls Trump signs. Maybe a few that say "keep America racist" (to contrast with the homes that post Biden signs next to "end racism" signs)

We need signs & bumper stickers that say: "/Impeach Trump Again/ this Nov." -- they'd be a bit more catchy than simply "Biden"

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@TonyStark I agree with @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo here.
Government websites should not use cloudflare. It puts unreasonable restrictions on who can and cannot access the websites.

Why aren't dems mentioning the impeachment of during the campaign? Dems & the media should be prefixing Trump's name.. e.g. "/Impeached/ pres. Trump downplayed the virus..." Don't let ppl forget that during the election.

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@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo this whole issue tracking thing should be federated anyhow.

The perception of convenience is why ppl use . To give them convenience is to be an enabler. don't feed it.

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How to ethically improve a project that lives in MS : 1) torsocks git clone <project URL> 2) fix bugs; make enhancements 3) start a new project on 4) push the improved project to the new repo 5) if you can reach the GH devs, tell them where to find your improved code.

doesn't proliferate racism, , & on his own -- he has the help of & . We should be boycotting /all/ programs not just Hennity.

Americans: don't just put up a sign on your front yard. Pair it with another sign, like "End racism" or . Otherwise you're just stating a position which seems useless. 2 signs are more likely to make a difference.

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Possible ethical alternatives to :,, &

It's curious that wants (DDG's other partner) in the 6th position & in the 5th. Either DDG is trying to be less obvious in its propensity for corruption, or the 5th position is split by a page break and therefore not as good as the 6th position.

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wants searches to dominate the top *4* choices (a full screen) in the preferences, with 's MS search on top, & MS itself (DDG's biggest partner) 2nd: Why that's a bad idea:

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Hey Fedi!

Could you recommend me some search engines that either omit bunch of the big websites (facebook, "news sites and especially pintrest) or at least let me create blacklists for them?

Google is failing me more and more when I try to find for anything that is not a "current hotness" and even DuckDuckGo seems be plagued by pointing to websites that abuse SEO and just regurgitate "content".

Boosts greatly appreciated (as I exist in a small corner of fediverse)

The only freedom-respecting instance is down! Hopefully will return to service soon.

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#Zoom lied about end-to-end encryption: They are not providing end-to-end encryption as they said.
A lawsuit was fullfiled in Washington D.C.

#Privacy #Security

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