Interesting TEDxTalk about Sociocracy and group intelligence... something that I think is key to build a better (more fair) economy and society. 💁‍♂️

Hello everybody!

So, I am trying to co-found a 'union of cooperatives' in Mexico, which in theory would give me enough legal status to create autonomous 'projects' under the cooperative structure.

Each project would be autonomous (and self-managed), but all the people would be members (and co-partners) of the consortium. Anyone who has a suggestion and / or recommendation on how to make this possible?

By the way, I leave here a source of inspiration:

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We’re preparing the first issue of DisCO.beat, our asymmetrical and polyrhythmical newsletter about the life and times of the DisCO project!! ✨ 💜

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Distributed Cooperative Organizations are: cooperative, feminist, value-sovereign, carework oriented, and much more.

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"DisCOs, and the networked interlinkages between them, are meant to facilitate the creation of an entire postcapitalist counter-economy within the interstices of the existing capitalist economy." by Kevin Carson

"A participatory economy is an economy that strives for democracy, justice, solidarity, diversity, efficiency and environmental sustainability."


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