got caught teaching the youth of Athens about communism and Homestuck. anybody got a plug for hemlock

THE word of these last 12 months of restrictions, to me, is definitely "Blursday".

Like in:

- "What day are we?"
- "We are Blursday."


- "When again did [xxxx] happen?"
- "It was last Blursday."


- "When will [restriction] end already?"
- "Next Blursday."


Justizskandal, Folter, politische Verfolgung - UN-Folterexperte Nils Melzer erhebt in seinem neuen Buch schwere Vorwürfe – untermauert mit den Ergebnissen einer zweijährigen Untersuchung. Ausgehöhlte Rechtsstaatlichkeit: Der Fall Julian Assange | DW | 19.04.2021 #Assange #Pressefreiheit #Wikileaks #NilsMelzer #England #Ecuador #USA #Schweden #Auslieferung

"they are punishing him primarily to scare everybody else, to make sure you don’t want to launch #Wikileaks and disclose all these secrets. The message is: “If ever you have evidence of atrocious crimes, don’t disclose it, because this is what will happen to you”."

Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture

Looks like Melzer's book (published today) is a very important piece...

#Assange #FreeAssangeNow #FreePress #Melzer

“Once you look at the states, and you look at how they behave [in #Assange case], it’s absolutely clear: when they receive evidence for war crimes, they don’t prosecute anybody, they only prosecute the person who has given the evidence. That is not what the rule of law in constitutional democracy looks like, that is what a dictatorship looks like”

This guy is bloody fkn UN rapporteur, eminent doctor in law, not some random raving lunatic...

#FreeAssangeNow #WikiLeaks

GB verwehrte #Assange seine Rechte wie in einer Bananenrepublik: An jeder Ecke ein bisschen was zurechtgebogen, bis zur Rechtsbeugung


🎉 🎊 Save the Date Sat 8th May 🎉 🎊

60+ amazing globally respected contributors + YOU

Workshops, art , film screenings, music, lectures, panels, interviews & more at the international festival of Whistleblowing, Dissent & Accountability
+ a virtual pub to wind down afterwards

#whistleblowing #dissent #accountability

I definitely want too be there...sounds very exciting!!

10 YEARS AGO #WikiLeaks published the "Gitmo Files", detailing inhumane torture and incredible incompetence brutally/illegally crushing hundreds of peoples' lives (many of them were known to be innocent).

How many of them still tortured by the US today?

The torturers?
None were charged.

#Assange, the publisher?
Charged with "conspiracy for espionnage" with C. Manning, 2y+ in "the British Guantanamo", still facing US extradition and up to 175y in another #Guantanamo.

IL Y A 10 ANS #WikiLeaks a publié les "Gitmo Files", détaillant les tortures inhumaines et l'incroyable incompétence qui ont brutalement/illégalement détruit la vie de centaines de personnes (dont beaucoup étaient connues pour être innocentes).

Combien d'entre eux sont encore torturés par les États-Unis aujourd'hui ?

Les tortionnaires ?
Aucun n'a été inculpé.




#Assange, l'éditeur, responsable de la publication ?

Accusé de "conspiration pour espionnage" avec C. Manning, plus de 2 ans enfermé illégalement à l'isolation dans "le Guantanamo britannique", toujours menacé d'extradition par les États-Unis et d'y passer jusqu'à 175 ans dans un autre #Guantanamo.

#FreeAssangeNow #DropTheCharges


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This is also the 2 years anniversary of the arrest of Ola Bini in Ecuador, brilliant researcher and programmer of privacy-enhancing software.

Ola was jailed 70 days for allegedly "hacking gov servers"
(lol) with risible pseudo-evidence (which books and a high-number of USB devices he owned..).

He is in legal limbo, with no formal accusation ever placed and hearings always postponed.. while banned from leaving Ecuador, who just elected a right-wing banker as new president. :(


C'est aussi 2 ans après l'arrestation en Équateur d'Ola Bini, brillant chercheur et programmeur de logiciels de protection de la vie privée.

Ola a été emprisonné 70j pour avoir prétendument "piraté des serveurs du gouv" lol (pour pseudo-preuves: ses livres des clés USB.).

Il est dans les limbes juridiques, sans qu'aucune accusation formelle n'ait été formulée et des audiences toujours reportées.. Interdit de quitter le pays, qui vient d'élire président un banquier de droite :(


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