I have begun the process of moving my info and followers to a new instance. I have the aliases but I don't see how to complete the process. Can anybody help please?

beetles: most underrated pollinators

why isnt there a wold beetle (insect) day? if no one declares it by next year i'll start it on 26 April 2023

Ukraine: The children's camp that became an execution ground
By Sarah Rainsford
BBC Eastern Europe correspondent, Bucha

Nonprofit drugmaker Civica Rx is taking aim at the high insulin prices harming people with diabetes

People living with insulin-dependent diabetes have been waiting a long time for someone to do something to make it more affordable.


[The] most vulnerable to online privacy encroachment and to the... abuse of their data have traditionally been those society deems less worthy of protection: people without means, power or social standing. Surveillance directed at marginalized people reflects not only a lack of interest in protecting them, but also a presumption that, by virtue of their social identity, they are more likely to commit crimes or to transgress in ways that might justify preemptive policing.


#OtD 16 May 1920 workers at Knocklong creamery in County Limerick declared a soviet and established workers' control of production. They hoisted a red flag and a tricolour and for 5 days ran it with the slogan "We make butter not profits" libcom.org/library/limerick-so

I just got lost reading a very long discussion about the #fediverse and that it's not supposed to be about people interacting...

but about curating a feed of content you're interested in and reacting to that content.

So the people coming from #Twitter are said to have the wrong expectations and don't know how to use the fediverse properly.

That was somewhat alienating.


Hannah Arendt: The Political Animal in the 21st Century

"Citizens, according to Arendt, should go beyond private interests to act together in favour of the common good. They express their citizenship by being part of vita activa (active life) and through involvement in deliberations about what is best for their society. "


We need to make power efficiency sexier than raw computing performance. Don’t show me your giant GPU or your crazy Cinebench score, that stuff’s lame. Show me how you can get done everything you need to at a lower power draw than anyone else

#OtD 16 May 1966, seamen across the UK walked out on a nationwide strike for the first time in half a century. Holding solid for seven weeks, they won a reduction in working hours from 56 to 48 per week libcom.org/library/seamen-stri

#OtD 16 May 1967 the All Circles Struggle Committee was set up in Hong Kong after police repressed a plastic flower factory strike. Riots, strikes and eventually bombings spread across the British colony for months. Learn more in our podcast: workingclasshistory.com/2019/0

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