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Im an evolving man and multi-dimensional energy being. My personal responsibility is to my greatest version. I'm not here to save the planet, but align my life to A reality that reflects heaven on earth. No, not magical thinking,, but focus and perseverance in my thought actions. I'm perfect in my imperfections.

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I live with a virgin sex that I keep on a tether blowing in the naked winds which have stroke me shamanically as a bohemian monk.

I am vulnerable and open to new experiences and intelligence - it only assimulates when I'm ready because I must be in alignment to match my Beloved.

My shape and name are but clothes. I'm an infinite being, a multi dimensional energy being that is remembering my Higher-self.

The seal of unity consciousness is weird and surreal. The new earth timeline draws near!

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The great awakening and purge. It feels so great to be alive!

I see this gray industrial energetic Luciferian veil (smoke screen) on society which hides the greatness of the human spirit with distractions and fear porn to keep people emotional and malleable to technocrats grim view of the world.

2/ Yup. You, me, and everybody need to be shamed for climate change, and the 1% who already control most of the wealth on the planet - will be all our feudal lords. Ì don't give a f*** though. I live in my heart and by God's law. Ì made my peace with God. Ì live my best in His light, so other burning souls recognize me. Ì love you.

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I come to realize that the present western civilization is run by a world economic political machinery that views the citizenry as disposable people. It's a new form of slavery where you eat bugs, receive mandatory experimental medical treatments, traced and tracked through digital ID, own nothing, and are happy. And citizens will beg for this "great reset" out of fear from climate change.

WEF young global leaders are unfortunately become heads of state. These WEF puppets want to create a great enslavement aka the great reset. The narrative is done by climate change propaganda and global emergencies they invent. Through economic collapse by war on middle class, farmers, social collapse of nuclear family- we will have no livelihoods wellbeing homes and food. We will own nothing eat bugs and be happy. Alarmingly many will beg for first 4th industrial revolution.

WEF has the agenda 2030 that sets out how they plan to own the world, so theý can be humanity's feudal lords because that will make society "sustainable" and happy.

The dystopia is here. Houses and communities are being brought up, farmers are having their livelihoods destroyed by "climate change" policy, energy respurces being sanctioned for the "green new deal", CRT, wokeness, LGBTQ curriculum screwing up education, health frèedom demonized, and faith in God persecuted. The Great Reset.

The new normal was triggered by the pandemic. The world's elites and globalist felt it is time for a 4th industrial revolution and Great Reset of humanity. This agenda was created by the WEF and being implemented by governments. Governments serving WEF's Grest Reset agenda, and the people arr regarded as peassnt where we own nothing, eat bugs, and told to be happy.

If you become a light unto yourßelf - you become a light unto others. But that is a blooming, and everybody is benefited - knowingly, unknowingly,, everyone is benefited. You become a blessing.

All over the world, people are rising up and protesting against governments who seek to control them rather than serve them. But in many cases, the media are failing to report this and instead, are nudging us to be distracted by something else.

RT NEWS CHANNELis blacklisted on Telegram. It was great to find the find and follow the RT NEWS bot on Mastodon.

Hello my soul friends. Ì been away awhile. Been on telegram daily for information. Been focusing on the and kind of research. These topics i feel will break free humanity from the cabal, the WEF great reset. I yearn to express and practise my sovereignty with other burning souls, and teach others about the great awakening.

It's a pleasure to share my thoughts with you again.

I won't take it personally if my friends and family wear a mask around me because it is their choice to follow unfounded science and humiliate themselves

In the good old days, It use to be that you would have a bowl of chicken noodle soup, drink water, put a wet cloth on your forehead, and get plenty of rest to cure the common cold; but nowadays you need an experimental gene technology to manipulate your DNA to code for a spike protein than wanes and causes adverse reactions, and although your vaccinated you become a super spreader of a leaky vaccine that is mandated with countless booster shots. And everything about you is digitized.

Is it the unvaccinated citizens fault that their is an epidemic of vaccinated citizens catching Covid-19? Since vaccinated citizens are catching Covid-19 after two jabs and a booster- why would additional boosters now work to stop the spread of Covid-19?

If you were told that inorder to trigger an immune response to a virus - you needed your DNA modified without concerning your distinct chemical characteristics of your genes, would you go ahead with the experimental medical procedure?

Would you want it mandated for 7.8 billion People?

Would you support oppressing people who are medically and religiously exempt?

I value my DNA, and don't consent to be genetically modified.

Are government isolation camps that mandate the Covid19 mRNA vaccine and re-education - a state and big pharma run healthcare scheme, simliar to residential schools, in the way of destroying holistic based traditions, culture, personalize approach to health and medicine, and implement a new normal that is modelled by technocrats and enforced by bureaucrats.

Have our democratic governments become technocratic governments? If so...our leaders are not for the people.

    n  pl  , -cies  

1  a theory or system of society according to which government is controlled by scientists, engineers, and other experts  

2  a body of such experts  

3  a state considered to be governed or organized according to these principles  
♦   technocrat    n  
♦   technocratic        adj  

HEY FRIENDS. What happened to David Seaman, the journalist who did his best to expose

I found a Wikipedia page but no platforms or websites he is contributing too.

The Great Bill Gates Scam Explained

Very well made video with proper citations and source disclosures.

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