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You never know when you may see some one  again. Tell everyone you know you love them and hug them.

Life is for freedom of expression. I dare you to love louder .I OVE YOU WITH MY HEART! AND SOUL. HUGS IN MY .MIND  <3

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I live with a virgin sex that I keep on a tether blowing in the naked winds which have stroke me shamanically as a bohemian monk.

I am vulnerable and open to new experiences and intelligence - it only assimulates when I'm ready because I must be in alignment to match my Beloved.

My shape and name are but clothes. I'm an infinite being, a multi dimensional energy being that is remembering my Higher-self.

The seal of unity consciousness is weird and surreal. The new earth timeline draws near!

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The great awakening and purge. It feels so great to be alive!

@mystik @moth @human_dude human

How do we become sober?

You know - become conscious and awake of our divinity and high potential.

The world of consumerism and politics doesn't resonate with me anymore.

I respect anyone's free will and path.

I'm not consenting to the great reset.

I'm just trying to boil down this demonic agenda in a easy to digest way for friends and family unaware. In a way that offers an eureka moment to break free of fear, not be a cyborg, and live simply happier

I'm revising my poetry with a goal to publish an anthology of my poetic insight. I can't help myself being a little hanging onto my soul in a world bent on degrading my essence.

People like my posts and support me in my good fight with nf2. But the world politics is ruining life intelligence and freedom, and my friends and family are held captive to it. Made powerless and hopeless. Obedient slaves for the greater good.

Why can't we be sober?

I'm brooding about covid on a regular basis

The PCR TESTS ARE PROVEN TO BE A FRAUD. So.essentially the covid pandemic is a hoax.

Yes ppl die from covid but the lockdowns and mandatory masks is disproportionate to the questionable outbreak.

Medical experts label all flu like symptoms as covid thus the increase in covid cases is sold as a public health crisis, and why ppl should lose their agency and freedom to self determination for the greater good

Poverty mind&victimhood is the virus.

Proprietary software tends to manipulate. I notice this whenever I am forced to enter that world. The user is controlled to the purposes of the entity behind the program.

This needs to end. We need complete control over our own computing. Otherwise we surrender the right to have any say in our interactions with the digital world.

Unfortunately, many people don't mind being controlled, as long as they are convinced it somehow serves their goals, or they are ignorant of the oppression.

When they are told of the problems, most don't want to believe it, so don't.

Critical thinking and self-discipline are vital to avoid being pushed around by those set out to control you for their own interests.

A public inquiry into whether the general public have a human right to self determination or medical experts and political leaders have the divine right to re-image our world.

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It's frustrating that medical experts and political leaders patronize us as if we have no agency and freedom to imagine a better public health guideline. They are the experts and the people should not question their authority and methodology for the new normal or great reset.  It's frustrating when you realize you have no power or control over life intelligence and freedom.

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We have a voice right? It just doesn't appear we do when not apart of planning of the social modelling. I believe In personal responsibility and self empowerment that leads to the highest human potential. It's only reasonable that open dialogue with mutual respect be allowed to create a new normal by the will of the people. 

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We also need to provide a solution to remedy the fear and hopelessness caused by medical experts and political leaders that shape a grim view of the world and justification for their intervention in re-imaging our new normal.

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MSM have been force feeding a covid19 pandemic 247 to the general public for months, so assertions from protesters need substance not emotions to deprogram people from the false narratives that these covid19 public safety measures save lives

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A public inquiry is a platform to provide scrunity,  evidence and reasoning behind the claim whether lockdowns and contact tracing scheme are lawful and democrats. The frustration we feel is due to the grim world that doesn't align with our hearts and minds.

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We need brutal honesty and conversation storm about the consciousness on our planet. We have to understand why covid19 exists and community solutions as in 99% not the 1%.

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There ñeeds to be public inquiries because there is no open dialogue with mutual respect to debate decision making by medical experts and political leaders. MSM and social media censor information that doesn't align with the covid19 talking points.

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We need public inquiries to explain whether the social modelling and lockdowns are fair or tyrannical.  Because People's livelihoods and well-being are degrading more as a result of covid19 public safety measures than actually being a benefit to public health and safety.

how do we trigger a public inquiry? is there a template, guideline, or case study to assist us? we need talk about the consciousness of our planet openly. this world is of our making, yet it's being guided by force by medical-political industrial complex with help by MSM.

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the whole of society is being arbitrarily discriminated against because of the medical-political industrial complex wants to shape the world in their image. we need to talk about this covid-19 pandemic and degrading of humanity's life, intelligence, and freedom.

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we need to look into how to trigger a public inquiry into the handling of the covid-19 pandemic public health measures and social modelling. our liveli9hoods, mental-emotional-physical-spiritual health is being plunder by medical health experts. the people cannot even have a voice in this social modelling. this is tyranny.

hey @georgia
we @moth i just noticed that Terry, Pussyslayer. BLITZ, jdogg247 have blocked me.

i genuinely thought them as friends.

i enjoyed seeing their posts in my feed. i guess i said something that made them glitch. god knows what. i guess i didn't fix into their social expectation anymore.

i enjoy brutal honesty. i handle stfu and don't comment on their posts.

well, i guess im out of the cool club.

I'm grateful to have PSWs visit me to help me bathe dress and shave. Even make my bed. It's been an enjoyable experience.

The PSW on Tuesday told me how awesome it was I keep my independence. It gave me that realization I am a "NF2 Warrior."

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On Tuesday I saw my 4th PSW. The first two were women and last two were men. I don't mind seeing different PSWs, you know sharing my magic, yet its nice to build trust, and not have to start over each time.

The women had that motherly touch but the men still had that high level of care and patience.

It's a different experience for us all. I have NeurofibromatosisType 2, consumption and hard of hearing.

I got this poetry book I'm revising again. I figure I lived my life as a passerby, sprinkling my magic, so it just makes sense that the level of intimacy I live life through is best read in my trance poems and free verse.

I will die but not without fighting the good fight with love. Oh Beloved, I miss you, I wish I could kiss you, and make love. I know in some parallel reality we are. Oh my soul

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