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The great awakening and purge. It feels so great to be alive!

Now that my spinal tumors have because of I have left hip pain. It's hard to bend over to pick up stuff from fĺoor and lay in bed. It's hard to without periodically waking up every 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 hours. So my sleeping patterns are power naps throughout the day. Time for a nap since I'm pain free atm. Cheers.

I was worried about the lump in my gums for 3 months. I thought I had gingivitis. I don't like the dentist. It's a bsdm visit. If I smiled it wasn't noticeable. It finally was noticeable mom was worried and made dentist appointment. I saw dentist and he had no clue what it was even after xrays. He said won't touch it with a 10ft pole. He said I needed 2 teeth pull bc they were broken. Long story short the lump is a tumor. It is normal for people with . Routine surgery like a tooth removal.

We can talk about anything but the covid19 pandemic and surveillance state.

When you buy an Android phone, you don't really own it. You just paid to use a Google device which aims to enslave you with their monopoly on internet services. I believe rooting your Android is the only way to own your phone. Unfortunately, im still a noob.

@Terry Terry, @georgia geo, @11112011 11, why should we care so much about the ruthless furnace of this world? Isn't life a gift, and being present with faculties of knowledge to play and create. It shouldn't surprise anyone that we all die. Why not give zero fucks and live life your way? If you are killed for it - well at least you out on a high note.

@Terry, @georgia, would you download a contact tracing app if it were open source?

By demanding encryption backdoors, Politicians are not asking us to choose between security and privacy. They are asking us to choose no security. Here's why:
We must fight encryption backdoors around the world. 💪 #privacy #HumanRight

The honeymoon is over in the because has a presence here. I don't know specifics nor do I care, but I read it in a toot exchange on my local feed.

Oh boy. I enjoyed following someone from the . I wondered why I hadn't seen a post from them in awhile. I realize now i been blocked because their not in my following list. They said they would be purging or maybe they just left mastodon. Obviously they didn't get value in the comments on their post or maybe they did. Good things do come to an end. Well, I guess it' is what is.

I forced the shutdown. I booted into Windows. Everything was smooth. I turned on hibernation sys and confirmed pagefile sys was on. Restarted and booted in . Everything was buttery smooth. I shutdown without a .

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I enjoyed researching how to download iso and flashing a pen drive to install it as a dual boot on my t410 windows laptop. I used Ubuntu a lot today, downloaded apps from snap center; and transferred some files from my external HD. I enjoyed watching a DVD on my DVD drive and using bluetooth which both didn't work on . Well I guess I had too much fun.

Getting laptop ready for a dual boot has been a Herculean effort. I want to install @ubuntu LTS 20.04 along side Windows. The volume of my C:/ wouldn't shrink even when disabling hibernation and pagefile system files. I decided to download partion wizard. My laptop had to restart to enable the wizard. Ok. I split the partion. Now to install ubunto.

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