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I live with a virgin sex that I keep on a tether blowing in the naked winds which have stroke me shamanically as a bohemian monk.

I am vulnerable and open to new experiences and intelligence - it only assimulates when I'm ready because I must be in alignment to match my Beloved.

My shape and name are but clothes. I'm an infinite being, a multi dimensional energy being that is remembering my Higher-self.

The seal of unity consciousness is weird and surreal. The new earth timeline draws near!

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The great awakening and purge. It feels so great to be alive!

rhetorical tactics of blathering pseudointellectuals 

Anyway, I found this essay which breaks down, line by line, some of the rhetorical tactics Alexander uses to make his bullshit arguments feel like you're reading deep intellectual thoughts. Super helpful, a prime example of extremely useful thinking tools that they never teach you in STEM class.

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Lossing strength in my right hand, but I don't give give up as I'm dying to be me.

The social dilemma has caught me up. I've been buffering up using Buffer a lot to get my story out to the world.

“For we each of us deserve everything, every luxury that was ever piled in the tombs of the dead kings, and we each of us deserve nothing, not a mouthful of bread in hunger. Have we not eaten while another starved? Will you punish us for that? Will you reward us for the virtue of starving while others ate? No man earns punishment, no man earns reward. Free your mind of the idea of deserving, the idea of earning, and you will begin to be able to think.”

― The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin

The new "N-word" is nutrition. God forbidden we humans take personal responsibility for our life intelligence and freedom and live In harmony with nature and each other

We live in a global village. It's unfortunate there is tribalism. Hey in this global village my perspective of reality is expanded. I am ever so more grateful for life intelligence and freedom.

American Citizens Now Bigger Terror Threat To US Than ISIS – Former DHS Counterterrorism Official

#LunaSpeak: What can deprivation teach us? What specific incident comes to mind? The meanings you assigned then & how you responded repeat each time you remember. Do those meanings still hold up? Ponder this gently, take breaks if you need to. It's not an easy lesson.

Instead of housing, subsidies for organic food and nutritional items, government wants to prolong a needless suffering and inoculate the citizenry with an experimental vaccine, have them own nothing, eat bugs and drink sewage to stop climate change, and this new normal designed by the government with lobbying by billionaires and corporations will reflect the highest human potential.

Masks dont save lives, good nutrition, exercise, personal responsibility, and love will.

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