Next time to call you a climate denier or holoc@ust denier...perfect retort. 😉

The is marketed like some fairytale vaccine and ONLY choice you got if you want to live in the new normal with priveleges NOT human rights and freedoms granted by

AND the unvaccinated people will be put into internment camps because their original organic being is a threat to the new normal vision

A healthy diet & lifestyle will contribute to a good life. The vaccines are really an experimental gene therapy. The adverse effects are real. Dismissing it as, "well the benefits outweight the risks" make you a believer in eugenics. So many people are acting amoral. No awareness just acting out of fear in response to Covid boogy man- which most people recover from. I wish ppl the best in health & well-being, but dont think itll b fun living with a neurological degenerative disease in 1 or 2 yrs

I saw this meme. People are asking about what vaccine is the safest. MSM and Government insist PFIZER is 100% effective. If their an injury or death - Its for the greater good. I hope you can make a smart choice, feel safe and save lives.

I was sitting on my wheelchair on the patio under the gazebo. I was thinking that it was so beautiful outside because the world was silent. That's when I realized I'm mostly deaf. I smiled. :)

On Tuesday I saw my 4th PSW. The first two were women and last two were men. I don't mind seeing different PSWs, you know sharing my magic, yet its nice to build trust, and not have to start over each time.

The women had that motherly touch but the men still had that high level of care and patience.

It's a different experience for us all. I have NeurofibromatosisType 2, consumption and hard of hearing.

My 3rd PSW visited me on Friday. They assist me with a sponge bath, make my bed, and help me dress.

First two were middle aged women and third was an older guy.

The women had that ladies touch that the dude couldn't emulate. He was still friendly and eager to help, and we did share a holy moment.

When I was in hospital, I kept my bedroom curtain open to see walking traffic. It's not weird I see different PSWs. Moré of me to share.

I am grateful I have this kind of assisted life service. ♡

Drugs are illegal because users give no fucks about politics. A user and stoner is no utility to corporate governance. Perhaps this my eureka moment to get off the capitalist bandwagon and just walk nakedly elated in other worldly realms of being. This post sponsored by the pipe of peace. #420

I know it's NNN so it's ironic I feel inspired to be sexy. Maybe there is a following for disabled naked men with consumption. I know I may start losing my current followers if I started posting dick pix.

today but it's not like consumerism it's just I like supporting my friends, and interacting with the world. I bought these dvds for $1 each. I'm a sucker for

I had a holy day. Magic happens when intention is focused on creating art of being your magnificent weirdo self. My friends I find on my journies and happenings. Existence is light and the good fight. I live forever but not in this mechanical or ruthless furnace of this world.

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