today but it's not like consumerism it's just I like supporting my friends, and interacting with the world. I bought these dvds for $1 each. I'm a sucker for

I had a holy day. Magic happens when intention is focused on creating art of being your magnificent weirdo self. My friends I find on my journies and happenings. Existence is light and the good fight. I live forever but not in this mechanical or ruthless furnace of this world.

The indictment was filed September 23 was shared Tuesday on Twitter by Republican state Representative Matt Schaefer. It accuses Netflix of knowingly promoting visual material that depicts "lewd exhibition" of the genitals or pubic area of a clothed or partially clothed child who was under 18 when the content was created. Further, the prosecution alleges that the material "appeals to the prurient interest in sex and has no serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value."

The Doors got their name from a William Blake line: "If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it truly is, infinite! "

In Spiderman's dream, he was sucked into a nightmare where he fights the hulk. He was pulled into this dream by an entity called Nightmare because Hulk was going to kill him. Nightmare thought he could manipulate Spiderman because of his "responsibility " to others. But Nightmare had a hidden agenda to trap Spiderman in the nightmare world as Nightmare's partner.

I enjoyed researching how to download iso and flashing a pen drive to install it as a dual boot on my t410 windows laptop. I used Ubuntu a lot today, downloaded apps from snap center; and transferred some files from my external HD. I enjoyed watching a DVD on my DVD drive and using bluetooth which both didn't work on . Well I guess I had too much fun.

Getting laptop ready for a dual boot has been a Herculean effort. I want to install @ubuntu LTS 20.04 along side Windows. The volume of my C:/ wouldn't shrink even when disabling hibernation and pagefile system files. I decided to download partion wizard. My laptop had to restart to enable the wizard. Ok. I split the partion. Now to install ubunto.

Listening to coast to coast am with george noory. Im listening but cant understand speech recognition. Im recording audio to upload as a youtube video, so I can get the closed captions generated. Im interested in angels messages and transmutation. I use doreen virtue healing with angels oracle cards. Doreen virtue is a Christian now, and thinks spirituality and consciousness is woo-woo New age bs

I struggle in this body because I'm too focu§ed on my spirit, and distracted by my shadows. I had a shaman tell me as he did a channelling that my beloved's name is . I was also told i would write 5 books. Well those books didnt come so i guess my timeline shifted. lol

Its . I'm sucking back a coffee and choking down some figgies and jammies as I navigate the .


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