Brutal honesty within a conversation storm can break or make a friendship in a good way.

@boob @PussySlayer @ThreeOneThreeChris @verita84 I never took Georgia blocking me personally. She says things thst trigger me. And I do say things that trigger people. Her block is a time out, not an autistic lamentation. Cheers!

@PussySlayer @ThreeOneThreeChris @verita84 hahaha. I did genuinely like knowing their thoughts. I now realize that some posts are just shit posts that don't need a comment. Georgia is like 1 or 2 in the trending users. And I'm not worthy. :P

today but it's not like consumerism it's just I like supporting my friends, and interacting with the world. I bought these dvds for $1 each. I'm a sucker for

@ThreeOneThreeChris @verita84 since I joined. I learnt that if your "banter" doesn't add value to the toots or vomiting in them than youĺl be purged. I also feel followers do apply social expectations, but in the end if you grow apart than its best to move on. I think it is humorous i got blocked by Georgia, Boob, and Bèegirl.

If a critical mass saw each other as we are: not a race, creed, nationality or label; but divine sparks of the Most High - all these materialistic ideology wars would be gone.

Just imagine, the COVID was set in motion by the sacrifice of a bat. The new social model for a new worĺd order.

Sorting out thougts 

@human_dude everyone is unique and evolves at their own pace. Existence is universal but it's not moral. Our high ideals is only as good as our imagination.

@human_dude thank you brother. Its a different lens to share in the fediverse than it is to share with intimate friends and family. They think im strong but if they knew how often i thought about dying if would be to hard on them.

When you get closer to death you get triggered, and realize a lot of shit doesn't matter. When you realize we all die we seem yo valueblife intelligence and freedom more. Covid is hokum bùt I have empathy for people who have it and lost love ones to it. Masks, social distancing, contact tracing app, vaccines, and a nanny state is model for social decay. If we were to level up and anchor in the heart- the nightmare of a new normal can be disspell. What are we doing to create positive conditions

I feel like a sick boy. My best days gone. I got a tumor growing in my gums but neurologist said mri of my brain and spinal tumors is more important. I dont have cancer. I have my tumors are beign. I have had brain and spinal tumors removed. I ain't having surgery again so trying to gracefully leave this world. I know my love and presence will be missed.. I feel sad when i don't contribute any value to the world. I'm just sick now. I think about what is my "vow" to my soul mission.

@DaCh13f hey man. No need for the grim face. Mastodon is an eclectic social platform and marketplace of ideas. Mastodon is a fun social media to dive deep into. Cheers!

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