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#NobelPrize winning #KaryMullis - Inventor of #PCR, censored for explaining it can't detect #virus

Nobel Prize winning
Prof #SatoshiOmura, discoverer of #Ivermectin, #censored for saying that it is effective

French Nobel Prize Winning Prof. #LucMontagnier censored for saying "covid vaccines" are dangerous

#Dr #RobertMalone (inventor of #MRNA tech.) censored for saying "covid vaccines" are dangerous

"#Factcheckers": Everyone is crazy, they know better, the party is always right.


FUN FACT: Trees and plant life suck up carbon dioxide and converts it into energy through a process called photosynthesis. We don't need a carbon tax, but stop deforestation and raping the Earth's resources.

inventor drops truth bombs about the risks outweigh the benefits of the experimental gene therapy . And now he is being scrubbed from the internet and history books.


Human rights that are defined by Nestle - which means water needs to be privatized and sold so humanity understand it's value.

Remember the vitriol the woke army spewed when people said, "All Life Matters"? Now that "Every Child Matters"-i notice no heated debate about downplaying the "Black Lives Matter" movement. It doesn't matter your age, sex, race, and creed - if you love unconditionally and want to contribute your gift to better the world....your life matters.


I like to read an article about the study of why some people experience adverse events and others do not.


I agree that the world leaders didn't all conspire to implement the same covid pandemic model, but they did follow the WHO recommendations and seem to suppress alternative therapeutics. All the world leaders do obsess over power to manage their countries. Leaders don't trust their people or encourage a healthy diet and lifestyle.

DNA are your genes which express the biology of what form you are. It's like a code that expresses characterists: hair colour, sex, hereditary traits, predispose diseases, etc. DNA contains ur genetic make up, but it's your RNA that carries out these traits by creating a protein.

SO, the does not have the SARS COV2 virus to trigger immune response, but a mRNA solution that triggers a to fight the SARS COV2. I figure altering DNA 2 do so

Substitute "EXXON " with - and you can see how public health officers act like lobbyist for big pharma, and manipulate politicians to enact draconian public health measures. All forms of authority use the same means of persuasion but have different aims.

An Exxon lobbyist thought he was in a job interview. Instead, it was recorded



I read somewhere that this nanoparticle was in the covid vaccines, and it's magnetic properties turn the host into an antenna n which 5G towers can harm you.

Ppl who virtue signal about getting vax & gaslighting the covid cases and death - are caught up in fear and hopelessness. These people don't want open dialogue 2 discuss why covid happen, acknowledge the vaxx are experimental gene therapy & independent peer review studies of the harm of vaxx, masks, & social modelling. A healthy diet & lifestyle can help with personal responsibility and self empowerment power. Unfortunately that kind of thinking & language isn't being spread in the MSM

This is Eric Clapton's story over the last 18 months.

One of the most iconic musicians of the century speaks about his experiences and for that we thank you.
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Is it possible to stay connected and relevant in society without social media? Can you image re- living a day or week back in 1990? Unfortunately I cannot reproduce that mental and emotional space & time. How about you?

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I have taken a live dry blood analysis before. I saw my blood cells and plaque than recommended some supplements. I wonder if it's possible to analyze our blood cells under a microscope for excessive amounts of magnetite or do a blood marker?

The jab turning ppl in antennas and dangers 5G seem more a reality than paranoia.

While acknowledging that it was possible that cases might rise as restrictions are eased, he said that Britain would have to rethink how it deals with the disease.

"[We] now have to move into a different period where we learn to live with the virus, we take precautions and we as individuals take personal responsibility," he said.

Along with personal responsibility- ppl need self empowerment and awareness


A healthy diet & lifestyle will contribute to a good life. The vaccines are really an experimental gene therapy. The adverse effects are real. Dismissing it as, "well the benefits outweight the risks" make you a believer in eugenics. So many people are acting amoral. No awareness just acting out of fear in response to Covid boogy man- which most people recover from. I wish ppl the best in health & well-being, but dont think itll b fun living with a neurological degenerative disease in 1 or 2 yrs

Hey @samuraikid Sam

Is there à Linux 20.04 LTS online crash course - you can recommend? I have Ubuntu 20.04 on my partion HD. I know some things like the repository, the terminal, and the sudo get command. Maybe I have to buy a book.

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I certainly will share the protocol and treatments for the jab for friends and family who regret getting it. Right now I'm doing my best to promote a better reality and widen people's perspectives so the and to good health and well-being is heard without filters.

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