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I first heard about the term "insurance files" used to describe a Anthony Weirner folder on his confiscated laptop. He obviously had it to not be a part of the infamous

McAfee said he had insurance files too, but he was still

I hope Jules is safe & released soon.

is , and we exist as God's children with the gift of free will to create our reality. God has nothing to do with the evils people do. Of course there is grace and karma which are byproducts of people's actions. Religion is a man made social construct. God is existence. Whatever meaning you see in life is of your choosing, and God gave us all that gift to create our reality.

Furthermore, do you want to send the people who refuse the gene therapy to an internment camp or residential school to be reprogrammed and assimilate into the new normal?

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If you get gene therapy that artificially changes your DNA in which you dont know the long-term effects - are you still made in the image of God or abomination?

And does the government and people have the moral authority to preach and force s medical procedure against your free will that genetically modifies you so you assimilate into a new normal that sees you owning nothing and being happy?

Continue reading in comments....

QUESTION: If you get your DNA artificially changed - are you still made in the image of God or abomination?

The is marketed like some fairytale vaccine and ONLY choice you got if you want to live in the new normal with priveleges NOT human rights and freedoms granted by

AND the unvaccinated people will be put into internment camps because their original organic being is a threat to the new normal vision

Not even saying I'm not wrong.. I'm saying when it comes to a vaccine that hasn't had near enough time to be proven efficient, and there's no way to know right now of the long term side effects. So when it comes to this vaccination thing. I'd rather know before i go.

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1/ I would never judge anyone wanting to get vaccinated. So I don't expect to be judged for not exactly trusting the companies that manufacture them.. if you believe trust has to be earned, then let me ask you this .. how has this pharmaceutical giant earned yours enough to roll up your sleeves???

Just incase you decide to put all of your trust and future health, and your children's future health into fraudulent pharmaceutical ...


Russia has ZERO US dollars in reserve. Thry have their soneeign wealth fund. A ton of gold in reserve. They're a part of BRICS. I believe Russia is the trailblazer for leaving US control financial system.


It's easy to connect the to . After all the covid jab is an experimental gene therapy vaccine.


Dr Malone warned that ‘the only version of scientific truth that’s allowed to be discussed are those truths endorsed by large bureaucratic public health agencies’. He was very concerned about ‘this integration between Big Tech, government and biopharma’.

It's takes unearthing a cultural and human tragedy against Natives from Federal and Provincial governments to realize Natives know best for their families and communities.

“Every First Nation, Inuit, and Metis child should have the opportunity to grow up with their families and in their communities, so they can reach their full potential,” Trudeau said

If you mock videos of people suffering adverse events & believe people's stories of covid adverse events are misinformation- you are a sociopath and heartless.

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I wrote a simliar toot today. A lot of people need a reality check about life intelligence and freedom.

2/ Some people just have to die for the greater good of the new normal It's everyone's duty to take the vaccine. Your diet and lifestyle changes or holistic medicines could never save you. Your personal responsibility lies with Big Pharma and Big Brother because they are ethical, moral and knows best. Life is just a privelege granted by our Masters. Be happy stop complaining about your selfish ahency.

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1/ Only the chosen ones will survive. Im sorry to the many women, children, and men who have to suffer from adverse events and/or die because the covid vax benèfits outweigh the risks. The covid gene therapy vaccine is for eugenics.

How many women, children, and men have to suffer from adverse events and/or die to realize the vax risks outweigh the benefits?

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