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…I’m seeing people say “just don’t use an iPhone.” It’s not that simple when everyday things like financial apps with two-factor authentication are locked into the two main platforms.

We need legislation to ensure critical services use open standards so you can use your Pinephone to buy lunch in the future.

It’s shocking how easily some folks jump to “just go live in a cave.” No, that’s not an acceptable alternative. We deserve to partake in modern life without sacrificing our human rights…

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The mRNA Covid19 jab is an experimental gene therapy treatment. The jab creates a Spike Protein kn the cells to stimulate immunity cells to kill tbe virus. In genetics, the DNA holds our biological blue print and RNA creates the proteins to express given traits. There is no data on long term effects. It's only approved as an emergency use authorition. Benefits out weight the risks is what eugenics is all about. I like science too. I'm happy enough with my genetics and immune system. what about the health passport? I don't remember that being normal...

FYI: A health passport that gives you privileges based whether you got an experimental gene therapy vaccine by Big Pharma - is fascism. Big Pharma will have impunity to control your access to life, intelligence and freedom. This is the new normal timeline where you own nothing and are happy.

Im an evolving man and multi-dimensional energy being. My personal responsibility is to my greatest version. I'm not here to save the planet, but align my life to A reality that reflects heaven on earth. No, not magical thinking,, but focus and perseverance in my thought actions. I'm perfect in my imperfections.

FUN FACT: Just because you get the - it doesn't immune you from getting the virus, and spreading it unknowingly.

Just imagine lossing power & control of your body/temple to the money changers.

Just imagine your and are deemed toxic, misinformation, and illegal. You won't be honoring your highest human potential in the new normal where you own nothing and will be happy. Only psychopaths would want you to be that.

Irish Ice Hockey Star Resigns In Protest Over

I will not accept or consent to a “Vaccine passport”/digital passport, nor will I use a Qr code/track and trace system that allows this system to be implemented. This allows for total government control over the citizens of Ireland and akins us to cattle.

We need our health freedoms in a world hell bent on reducing our health care choices for the sake of profit and control.

People need awareness that food heals, and with the right diet and lifestyle - we can be our greatest version.

@Agrandmaster @samuraikid @sourcex

I am unable to watch video at the moment, so I don't mean to ask so many questions or have so many queries. I feel my family and friendsf who got the jab should get a blood test to have more information about the aftermath of the getting the jab. I know there are clinics called Life Labs that do Covid antibody tests. I don't think they look at blood through high power microscopes to see nanoparticles. @samuraikid @sourcex @Agrandmaster

Examining the blood markers will be the smoking gun that exposes the . I wonder the specific blood test that is needed for vaccinated people to have evidence that they been poisoned?

@Marko why did the Nazis try to invade Russia, occupy Poland and France, and bombed England? Who fundrd the Hilter war machkne? Was the Nuremberg trials just a witch hunt?

There is a theory about the presence of graphene oxide in the covid vials. This means your arm is magnetic.

Ricardo , Dr. José Luis and the team of and with whom they have been conducting their have confirmed the presence of in vax vials.

Seen through the optical microscope and electron microscope - threy found that this is not a vaccine, this is a dose of graphene to a person."

What is -2 and how is it related to -19?

is present in many cell types and tissues including the lungs, heart, blood vessels, kidneys.

ACE2 is a vital element in a biochemical pathway that is critical to regulating processes such as blood pressure, wound healing and inflammation.

When the SARS-CoV-2 virus binds to ACE2, it prevents ACE2 from performing its normal function causing lack of oxygen, tissue damage and cell death.


I miss your toots and our bantering. You have had been a positive influence in my life.

I was thinking about you and wondering why I never see your posts. From this pin post I see you acted very unZEN like And triggered an avalanche of unpleasant events and emotions.

I can understand taking a break from the fediverse and regrouping.

I hope to see your toots grace my NEWS feed again, and banter some more.

God bless. thank you for sharing this knowledge. The wrote an article about MRNA.

In the cell, the main job of RNA is to convert the information stored in DNA – our genetic blueprint – into proteins. This task is carried out by a specific type of RNA called “messenger” RNA, or mRNA

we are supplied mRNA that instructs our cells to make a version of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. These instructions teach our cells to become their own vaccine manufacturing plants.

Next time to call you a climate denier or holoc@ust denier...perfect retort. 😉


I remember this video. Unfortunately I am now mostly deaf so I cannot hear the message. Can you summarize the advise or is it "to ignore doctors and the media." I agree with that but I do like keeping a broad perspective that comes with contrasting points of view.

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