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I moved my windows taskbar to the left side of my desktop and pretending im using LTS 20.04

Drinking chocolate coconut coffee, and learning the ways of the @ubuntu world

I bought a Samsung Ace 2 so I can it. Its a cool little phone. The factory apps and widgets are niffty. Not sure what will do. I will watch a youtube tutorial to jog my memory.

Listening to coast to coast am with george noory. Im listening but cant understand speech recognition. Im recording audio to upload as a youtube video, so I can get the closed captions generated. Im interested in angels messages and transmutation. I use doreen virtue healing with angels oracle cards. Doreen virtue is a Christian now, and thinks spirituality and consciousness is woo-woo New age bs

I struggle in this body because I'm too focu§ed on my spirit, and distracted by my shadows. I had a shaman tell me as he did a channelling that my beloved's name is . I was also told i would write 5 books. Well those books didnt come so i guess my timeline shifted. lol

Its . I'm sucking back a coffee and choking down some figgies and jammies as I navigate the .

In my early 20s, beginning my goth lifestyle, I read a marliyn Manson interview about perversions and . He reckon that every new experience and lesson exposed you to some kind of imprinting. I reckon it as essence. Iin rumination, i have put myself into some weird situations and encounters that were uncanny. My sexual and erotic nubile self was always stellar.

Privacy Cookbook - Decentralized Social Media - #Fediverse - FEATURE: Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 7.3 - Decentralized Social Media - Fediverse, #Mastodon & #Pixelfed - #Federated accounts to follow

@pixelfed @eff @nextcloud @safenetwork @datenschutzratgeber @TheFuzzStone @codeberg

Nostalgia reimagined
Neuroscience is finding what propaganda has long known: nostalgia doesn’t need real memories – an imagined past works too

Protesting, Is an inalienable right to every soul. The protester loves life intelligence and freedom. Protesting is the only playform to campaign and rsise awareness about issues and concerns. The stick in the mud, is a narrow vantage point, emotional and mental fixations that don't want open dialogue and mutual respect. Society is divided and being conquered by fear.

All my love has been weeping, and the love to heal me has been waiting... , oh my soul.

Great alternatives to Google Maps that use #OpenStreetMap data:

- Qwant Maps: website, has directions. Highlights the fact that data is from #OSM, providing links to view and edit the data.
- F4map: website, 3D views of cities.
- MAPS.ME: mobile apps with a neat vector renderer. Minimalist. Works offline. More obviously profit-oriented.
- OsmAnd: mobile apps with lots of features. Offline too. (Too?) many customisations and options available.

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