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We've been informed that weedkiller is used to eradicate the virus.

Which weedkiller, by chance would happen to be used in and and maybe even ?

It wouldn't happen to be would it?

We have an idea, a new condition for and that seek .

If a publicly-listed corporation wants a bailout greater than 15% of its total market value in a two-year period then they must .

Your , or , doesn't deserve to maintain its , its , its position of influence, etc.

It has failed.

There needs to be a cost for taking the people's currency.

Other options:
- jail any bad actors
- re-

Snap! We were once labelled . We asked the namecaller why they'd deny giving women and they just said, "Sh*tup".

It's time to ditch , blinkered signalling to see progressive policies

Lets walk and chew gum. Give women access to AND protect . Let's buy only , product AND campaign for a !

Shocking ;)



"Short-term exposure can have adverse physiological effects in the peripheral , the and the . The research suggests that long-term exposure may pose health risks to the skin (e.g., ), the eyes (e.g., ) and the testes (e.g., )."


~ Joel M. , PhD, , Berkeley.

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"5G also employs new technologies (e.g., active antennas capable of beam-forming; phased arrays; massive multiple inputs and outputs, known as massive MIMO) which pose unique challenges for measuring exposures."

"Millimeter waves are mostly absorbed within a few millimeters of human skin and in the surface layers of the ."(2/3)

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"5G, will employ millimeter waves for the first time in addition to microwaves that have been in use for older cellular technologies, 2G through 4G. Given limited reach, 5G will require cell antennas every 100 to 200 meters, exposing many people to millimeter wave radiation."1/3


Pretty sure the 5G rollut is non-essential, but tell that to and , who believe this is the perfect time to begin the rollout in earnest.

5G is not proven to be safe - are we going from one health crisis to another?

Pretty sure the 5G rollut is non-essential, but tell that to and , who believe this is the perfect time to begin the rollout in earnest.

5G is not proven to be safe - are we going from one health crisis to another?

We are learning what "businesses" are truely needed.

In , hundreds of thousands of and persons were informed today that they don't need to visit so-called , privatised companies that exist to cajole and torment the less advantaged in society.

Step one is complete on the path to a . Next stop - .

Facebook... Lying? Surely not!

While say that they are offering free , effectively getting free advertising by making that claim, fellow are reporting that the is being as stingey as ever.


If there was ever a moment in history for the movement to shine, this has to be that time.

Is now, with unprecedented levels of unemployment and assistance seeking, a good time to talk about UBI? Would a payment to everyone across the board not simplify this crazy reliance on Centrelink?
Or is UBI still a dirty word not spoken in polite society?

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's PM is wrong. The virus did not "cause" an economic crisis, it may have "triggered" the bit it definately did not cause it.

The is a 'house of cards' and every sensible, thinking person in late-2019, knew this.

The virus is the perfect .

We were talking about the and over-speculation for months before the crash.

@witchescauldron @dsfgs note as well that the last time Walmart got a tax cut from , they closed 63 of their stores: cheatsheet.com/money-career/th Trump's attempt at trickle down economics have already failed with & it was recent.

If you are struggling to pay bills at the moment, you should know that just received $1.5 trillion.

That's enough money to give every (-we mean "citizen") about $5000 each.

It's worth remembering that this company pays workers under $15 an hour.

for the extremely wealthy - for the 99.9%.

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