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BLOCKING HAS BEGUN of cloudFlare and other fediverse instances, eg.,, and .

Supporting the destruction private is not longer going to be tolerated by us.

If you are on one of those servers that is why you cannot contract us.

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Pleased to announced v3.

Something wasn't sitting right. A friend we miss, Freed Creative, said rounded edges suit fedi better, we went and tried that and it solved our annoyance. Also improved the colours of 'party' version, and shapes generally.

Now also with both an on-light and on-dark sticker.

@doctormo @jeffcliff @tobi @realcaseyrollins @lightone @drq

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Hashtags really are important on .

For many, its the way they'll find you. New users may neglect because they can't find similarly-minded folks.

1) Start using hashtags!!!!

2) Let know how important are. Post about your primary hashtags/#topics + PIN THE TOOT.

3) Don't set your toots to disappear after months unless you have a *very* good reason. Unsure? Ask your admin whether the instance deletes posts after months. Ask to make it YEARS!!

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Thinking of leaving the city?

If you trust us and our instance feel free to indicate whether you are interested in leaving the city for a more /#agrarian life. Please include a description of yourself that you might feel comfortable with us sharing to the other person, and the kind of person/activities you might be looking for, the to move out for.

We will try to offer this kind of .

Ideally just for but are okay with matching people anywhere for now.


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We are happy to announce that a final version of the is available.

One place you can access it is at the blog of @zleap here:

Tell your local printer to print at DL size.
We are really thankful to Paul and others who've strived to keep their repos up-to-date. An SVG file is provided for translation and edits, please ask if you intend to change the message. Its CC-SA-Attribution 4.0 Intl' licensed.


Check out this Cloudflare, Google, Amazon honeypot.

A " forum for and Global Defense Issues", complete with trackers.

Dear friends,

We have not been on Fedi for *some* days please include us in on anything that we ought know about.


Seriously though, it would be good to see if a will show foresight and pull us out of the and other disasters like war in and 's ongoing torture.

Don't hold your breathe.

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Her side profile on the back of the coins was a subtle reminder that Australia is still in the monarchy.

Its been a day, the longest they've gone without printing money since 1971.

Dear friends,

We have not been on Fedi for a couple days please include us in on anything that we ought know about.


We are considering updating the C.A.G.E.F.A.M. acronym.

We feel we may need to add out of that own more than 1 million addresses. Do , or own extreme numbers of ?

Similarly do or have over 1 million?

Together we can make an acronym with even greater purpose.

"The only reason we hear the word "unprovoked" every time anyone mentions Russia's invasion of
Ukraine in the mainstream news media is because it absolutely was provoked, and they know it."
-Noam Chomsky

Australia once self-identified as the "clever country".

That phrase has completely disappeared. Today we tracked down the exact moment the phrase vanished from the national consciousness…

It was the day we voted in as PM over Kevin Rudd.

Thanks for responding,

That memecion server has been a highly visible perpetrator for a long time. All we ask is they be served the same compliance notice as TruthSocial. Picking and choosing who we enforce the license with will not fly in any future legal preceding.

We must nip this in the bud, the next weeds will be worse.

This should not be controversial.


@eric @Gargron @emergeheart @sadiedoreen @KK0000000000 @lohang @atomicpoet @BillySmith @Suiseiseki

@dsfgs It is irresponsible to spread such FUD. No such thing is happening. Mastodon remains AGPLv3. It is practically impossible to change the license even if there was a desire or reason for it, which there isn't. See our legal action with Gab and Truth Social.

It was revealed recently that ex-PM subverted democratic processes in during 2021, covertly making himself the minister of five portfolios.

Any claim of other countries being an autocracy are now total hypocrisy.

Let us remind that in February 2021, he (and/or ) gave the green-light to to bribe our legacy .

Anyone who labelled us a crank in the past 2 years is or an idiot.

Act accordingly.

1995: Where do you want to go today?

2025: What are telling you to believe, today?

We forgot to list his website. Its pretty basic, Lee Camp dot and then com.

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We neglected to mention the worst part. LeeCamp is currently effectively forced to use a platform (YouTube), that deleted all his 900 episodes of .

Yes, we realise the irony of a show called "Redacted Tonight" being .

At least 30 of those episodes had segments that documented the insane (and continuing) by the , and the itself of our greatest journalist, .

Anything you can do to reach out to Lee will help us all.

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He was on and lost his job in February when the production company was affected by sanctions.

He's now reduced to Youtube, Rumble, Locals (ie. Google, invasive javascript, and Amazon).

Forget OwnCast, it would be great if he had just a basic page where ppl could DL lofi versions of his videos (or just the audio!). Or if the page doubled as a torrent tracker for content that Lee wants to share.

We would volunteer but we are unable at present.

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Is anyone able to reach out to to point him toward Fediverse (and maybe )? Bonus point if you can provide him a bunch of scripts to setup each based on his setup.

He does a bunch of , each week. Although the past month has anti-capitalist rhetoric we know from his past that he's more concerned by and .

CC us the correspondance (over Fedi, not email), and we'll be forever extremely grateful to you.

He's on gmail so we can't message him.


Inactive and spammers was like 99% of all the registrations from gmail accounts.

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