If serious security flaws aren't enough for @google to refuse to certify a phone, what is?

Find out why we're asking to take action on exploitative pre-installed apps and add your voice: privacyinternational.org/advoc

The more they to pump shares, the more will eventually be worth, and the more status-seeking, greed-driven banker-types will suicide.

On track for a better world :)

Waiting for the news... 

Western-style democracy be like:

:drake_dislike: Communist leaders put what they wanna censor into laws to enforce it

:drake_like: robber barons not telling you what they wanna censor but do it anyways

If we damned ,
For we are damned with these ,
Went to war on ,
Over abetting ,
Maybe we'd not be so .

But we chose to do nothing during the coup,
Chose to elect tossers,
To imprison and ,
And ridicule a crying girl.


( )


What we find interesting is that they removed 8chan only after Gaþ was running.

Are they pretending to be fighting extremism, while permitting it?

Not to sound too conspiratorial, but could Cloucflare users be getting targetted to carry out mass atrocities with the right push from nefarious entities. Wouldn't the for eg, love to have access to disenfranchised rightwingers to carry out atrocities?

Anyone who thinks the really want peace havn't been paying attention.

We are noticing a trend of being the server of choice for .

We just discovered that they hosted , and took it down last year because they alledge that the shooters were inspired by hate on the platform.

Maybe this is a coincidence but they seem to go-out-of-their-way to bring extreme rightwing interest groups into their network.

They serve(d) , , 8chan, and now

What we find interesting is that... (1/2)

climate change, photo of people taking cover from australian bush fires 

No War in Iran
No War in Iran
No War in Iran
No War in Iran
No War in Iran
#NoWar in #Iran

Dear @fedilab,

Many best wishes to you during the festive time.

We would like to inform you that when the message pops up, "This toot was added to your favourites". Any text that we started typing in a response is deleted, including the tag of the person that we were responding to. Strangely, if we try to TOOT that message it will complain about the despite the limit not being exceeded.

This's been happening since we started using the app over a month ago.

Sry not said sooner

Dear 'Accidental Americans' who are being denied a bank account in the EU... 

EPA is Pro-cancer 

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Its a part of the #OMN