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Thinking of leaving the city?

If you trust us and our instance feel free to indicate whether you are interested in leaving the city for a more /#agrarian life. Please include a description of yourself that you might feel comfortable with us sharing to the other person, and the kind of person/activities you might be looking for, the to move out for.

We will try to offer this kind of .

Ideally just for but are okay with matching people anywhere for now.


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Links to a 2021 Fediverse Icon with stickers and website treatments. Doesn't include the fediFlyer, but we've pinned links to that on our wall.


Cover image for icon and stickers:

SVG of above:


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Today we learned first-hand, that discriminates against artists based on political beliefs. They have no integrity.

They've now all our and contributions towards the , insofar as our contributions to a modern , designs and graphics for .

This is sick.

This is a call out to all webmasters to help us serve the content, we can email it, you can choose to share it.

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We are happy to announce that a final version of the is available.

One place you can access it is at the blog of @zleap here:

Tell your local printer to print at DL size.
We are really thankful to Paul and others who've strived to keep their repos up-to-date. An SVG file is provided for translation and edits, please ask if you intend to change the message. Its CC-SA-Attribution 4.0 Intl' licensed.


^^^ Musical interlude for this occasion…

by Kool and the Gang. It has a weird but it does grow on you.

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We'd like to sincerely thank a headline that prompted us to read an article recently.

Honestly we probably would not have read it if the properly described the content.


shamuary6, suicide mention 

Reminder: the most important things that happened on Jan6 are that was set to be remanded in custody for (to this day) 6 months while the continues their sham appeal process for , abusing the .

Also pardoned .

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shamuary6, suicide mention 

TWO more DC officers involved in Capitol protest response die by suicide, bringing total to at least four.


blackberries, redberries (dunno the english name) and plums lol...

Welcome to my gardensafari 😂

I'm more a pick & eat - instead of a collect and eat...

It's harvest moon... normally I'd be on lughnasad festivals arround this time lol... harvest fests woth good music, nice people, good food - greatly skilled craftmanships etc...

Lol it's where I usually get my bottles of homebrew special meads & handforged knives & new rankards etc haha...

But yeah 😂 - I guess we'll have to Wassail alone this year 😝👍

I don't care, as long we are aware the season's there... and nature is always near ;)

I guess it's the weather and the natural sigmns, the atmosphere that signals these kind of changes...

It's a seasonal shift - you could say "after summer" - nazomer as we say... lol eventho that's not a real season... It's a very typical moment :p
just finished cleaning my house - time for some fruits & water lol...

My appletrees are completely filled with apples, my plumtree has some ripe plums, but not many yet :) - it's her first year to bare fruits so...

Lol the wasps are enjoying them :) - I ate a few, they need it more then I do ;)

> Here at , we value your , but we produce software that makes you vulnerable. So collect $25 user.

Seriously? Who wants to try walking up to people on the street and asking them if, for $25 they would be willing to give you access to their .

Might be a fun idea. *wink

@dsfgs @dachary @citizenK4te you might be able to find and e-mail a maintainer, although i've found that typically most devs don't care and will just tell you "put it on github."

in theory end users should never be on the bug tracker.

@citizenK4te How do you manage to participate in Free Software projects hosted on #GitHub?

I do not have a GitHub account (deleted it a few years ago) and I'm interested in any strategies you may have.

How dependent is modern work on ?

Our anecdotal experience is that if we paid a to workers growing our would be 1/4 lower than it is today - not a bad thing in actuality.

But then there's so maybe workplaces will just move more towards those and things like . We admit, its been many years since we tried one — do they still taste like urine?

> At GNOME, we're so busy asserting our relevance and sucking up that we forgot to make that works consistently — oh, and our website goes against fundamental standards, too.

Dear , step one, please decide whether its a 404 or 403 error, there's a big, bloody difference.

That is all for now.

Silver lining for lockdown - slow cooked dinners :)

I've had a lamb shank cooking since about 9am (it's now 5:30pm). About halfway through the day I removed the meat from the bone and added chickpeas, tomatoes, fennel, onion, garlic, preserved lemon, and some ras al hanout spices. I've now removed the bone from the pot and added some tahini dissolved in water.

It'll be served with turkish bread, yoghurt and red harissa. :)

#food #dinner

@piggo @gappleto97 The army is very very different from civilian life. Never before have we every required vaccinations anywhere outside of the medical profession (and even then it was contentious).

Can an employer ask you if you're on anti-depressants? Of course not. That's unethical. Vaccines are literally just another medication. This is a also brand new/novel set of vaccines that are literally the least tested out of any drug in the modern medical era of regulation. Vioxx, Fen Phen, DDT, and Thalidomide were all proven safe by science, and look how great all of that turned out.

COVID-19 literally has a 99.97% survival rate if you're under 65. Requiring people to have a vaccine to have work is unethical. No employer or government in a free society should ever be able to mandate a medication.

If people are afraid of the unvaccinated, they can quit. No one has a right to tell someone else they have to take a medication to make them feel safe.

My body, my choice.

chinese people used to believe if you meditate hard enough you can become a wizard

scandinavians used to believe this cool one eyed trans thing perved on everyone while they played stabbyface with the world

canadians believe they have a constitution

american people believe if you work for sociopaths they’ll allow you to become wealthy

isn’t mythology weird :blobcatderpy:

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