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Pleased to announced v3.

Something wasn't sitting right. A friend we miss, Freed Creative, said rounded edges suit fedi better, we went and tried that and it solved our annoyance. Also improved the colours of 'party' version, and shapes generally.

Now also with both an on-light and on-dark sticker.

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Hashtags really are important on .

For many, its the way they'll find you. New users may neglect because they can't find similarly-minded folks.

1) Start using hashtags!!!!

2) Let know how important are. Post about your primary hashtags/#topics + PIN THE TOOT.

3) Don't set your toots to disappear after months unless you have a *very* good reason. Unsure? Ask your admin whether the instance deletes posts after months. Ask to make it YEARS!!

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Thinking of leaving the city?

If you trust us and our instance feel free to indicate whether you are interested in leaving the city for a more /#agrarian life. Please include a description of yourself that you might feel comfortable with us sharing to the other person, and the kind of person/activities you might be looking for, the to move out for.

We will try to offer this kind of .

Ideally just for but are okay with matching people anywhere for now.


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Today we learned first-hand, that discriminates against artists based on political beliefs. They have no integrity.

They've now all our and contributions towards the , insofar as our contributions to a modern , designs and graphics for .

This is sick.

This is a call out to all webmasters to help us serve the content, we can email it, you can choose to share it.

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We are happy to announce that a final version of the is available.

One place you can access it is at the blog of @zleap here:

Tell your local printer to print at DL size.
We are really thankful to Paul and others who've strived to keep their repos up-to-date. An SVG file is provided for translation and edits, please ask if you intend to change the message. Its CC-SA-Attribution 4.0 Intl' licensed.


@dsfgs It is irresponsible to spread such FUD. No such thing is happening. Mastodon remains AGPLv3. It is practically impossible to change the license even if there was a desire or reason for it, which there isn't. See our legal action with Gab and Truth Social.

Thanks for responding,

That memecion server has been a highly visible perpetrator for a long time. All we ask is they be served the same compliance notice as TruthSocial. Picking and choosing who we enforce the license with will not fly in any future legal preceding.

We must nip this in the bud, the next weeds will be worse.

This should not be controversial.


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> There was a problem delivering content to your browser. Try one that allows us to more easily track you.

"rejectsTor BLOK jun'22"


Design your own KDE sticker! We are looking for new images to include with the #Akademy2022 stickers.

Send us your design and you could win the #Akademy2022 goodie bundle, with the official T-shirt and, of course, the stickers.

@humanetech @z428 @alcinnz @pettter @calcifer @RyunoKi

Need the word "activist" in there somewhere, as most people are pushing agendas in FOSS projects, espesherly when they think they are not.

I understand the #NGO idea of taking "politics" outa tech. it's a BAD idea and the outcomes are BAD, good to work with this problem.

We produced How-To-Draw for the .

It was produced completely without measurements and somehow we produced it at (1mm off — ie. 211mm rather than 210). We produced it for the web anyway — so don't even think about it!


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HOW SAYS, "Go kill yourself" in the most way possible…

When asked if arming was prolonging the war, 's chief, said, "We help them because they're asking for it."

He adds "Throughout we've seen willing to accept great for freedom."

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US: How did bacteria get into and several products produced by ?

Apparently, in February 2022 Abbott, which reportedly controls about 40% (!) of the market, did a of products produced in , when the found infants dying or admitted the hospital after consumption.

The cronobacter , dangerous in , can reportedly cause or and .

Abbott reported the bacteria found throughout the Michigan facility.

KARL: Why did you go 'all in' Ukraine?

KONNIE: The complimentary colours looked really nice on my profile page. Also matches my existing shack , so…

KARL: How bad is it going to get?

CONSTANCE: *shrugs*

KARL: Maybe I need to rephrase. How long are we going to go without a Universal Basic Income?

This is spot on. I've seen so much "purism" in FLOSS projects too over the years - from devs bragging about the lack of documentation to the lack of a UI. Eventually their elitism plays a big role in keeping good software away from interested users.

Person still using Ggle Chr'me against asks why their browser is so slow sometimes.

How about listen to your peers that study this stuff. Dammit.

The reason Aral blocked us is because he kept repeating the same tropes, without addressing our rebuttals and we asked if he had a doing that.

Then he blocked us.

We've had a couple people ask if we were a bot for using hashtags, but we didn't lash out excessively.

Can anyone explain what the long-term of *not* helping to produce in other countries might be?

Asking as an ?

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