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Hashtags really are important on .

For many, its the way they'll find you. New users may neglect because they can't find similarly-minded folks.

1) Start using hashtags!!!!

2) Let know how important are. Post about your primary hashtags/#topics + PIN THE TOOT.

3) Don't set your toots to disappear after months unless you have a *very* good reason. Unsure? Ask your admin whether the instance deletes posts after months. Ask to make it YEARS!!

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Thinking of leaving the city?

If you trust us and our instance feel free to indicate whether you are interested in leaving the city for a more /#agrarian life. Please include a description of yourself that you might feel comfortable with us sharing to the other person, and the kind of person/activities you might be looking for, the to move out for.

We will try to offer this kind of .

Ideally just for but are okay with matching people anywhere for now.


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Today we learned first-hand, that discriminates against artists based on political beliefs. They have no integrity.

They've now all our and contributions towards the , insofar as our contributions to a modern , designs and graphics for .

This is sick.

This is a call out to all webmasters to help us serve the content, we can email it, you can choose to share it.

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We are happy to announce that a final version of the is available.

One place you can access it is at the blog of @zleap here:

Tell your local printer to print at DL size.
We are really thankful to Paul and others who've strived to keep their repos up-to-date. An SVG file is provided for translation and edits, please ask if you intend to change the message. Its CC-SA-Attribution 4.0 Intl' licensed.


A badge-of-honor for instances that block instances, and either a) reject CAGEFAM links in toots produced by people on their instance, or b) subscribe every person to a @MitiGator by default.

When your server does this, tell us and we will design and produce the…


A badge-of-honor for instances that block , and either a) reject CAGEFAM links in toots produced by people on their instance, or b) subscribe every person to a @MitiGator by default.

When your server does this, tell us and we will design and produce the…


Anyone still today is unbanked by choice — by .

No () will fix that. This is evidenced by persons in who are locked out of their banks by .

This drive to digitise people is also a drive to financialise people — and leads to greater .

No path forward can involve .

"What's the point of using bitcoin and alternative social media networks? I can buy everything I want to with cash/credit cards, and all my friends are on facebook!"

( ...a few years later... )

"Oh my protest group that managed to get 100,000+ supporters to mobilize against a government policy I don't like is suddenly finding all their assets seized, their gofundme shut down, and all of our online presences shut down by the government, and we're all being threatened with indefinite jailtime without access to a lawyer for donating/participating in them what could possibly have prevented this?"

2/2 …can do something.

The addon is here:

Please consider contacting the at their issue creation site:

If many of us contact them, they may come to their senses and warn users a site is behind Cloudflare (and other like ). The global menace that is Cloudflare…


Please boost.

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THE EXPONENTIAL of is getting serious.

Someone ought to plot it on a graph.

In 2017, an for a free and open opened a ticket on the page of the titled "Block Global Active Adversary Cloudflare", archived here:

See how @torproject failed to act at that time? It seems that 's maintainers are blocking us these days, but you…1/2

…And never question the ( Industrial Congressional Media Academia Complex, completely decimating environmental goals 100 times more than bitcoin, and poisoning the planet with extremely toxic substances and technologies.

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It feels like I’m the only one fighting. Banks are blatantly & bluntly breaking consumer protection laws because no one is holding them to account. Companies that breach contracts always say “we’ve had no complaints”. When I go to orgs like #ACLU & #EFF & other civil liberties orgs, they can’t be bothered. We need fewer pushovers. *We need more activists, damnit*


> "Bitcoin is bad for the environment and is a ."


Silent on the real ponzi that destroys the (ie. the ), eerily missing on action on , and lost their tongue on .

It just seems weird doesn't it.

@handle @TrechNex That’s the problem Mozilla is trying to fix. They’re in a desperate spot, and they are throwing things against the wall to see what sticks in terms of finding funding.

I don’t like crypto either. However, Mozilla is sinking fast, and will probably be done once the current Google deal runs out.

@TrechNex @TheFerridge They haven’t been paying attention and don’t see how desperate of a position Mozilla is in. There isn’t a revenue stream outside of Google funding Mozilla, and while cryptocurrencies are scummy, they aren’t Google money.

FF and Mozilla are probably dead in the next few years regardless unfortunately. Chrome is the standard and Google owns the web per the masses. 😞🤷🏽‍♂️

I’m constantly shocked at how many anti corporate, privacy and even anarchist organisations publish all of their content and communications on FB, Twitter, YouTube etc.

I understand they are trying to increase their reach to the largest possible audience but at least give options for those of us who try to avoid this platforms.

There's a statue of AC/DC's Angus Young in a park in a wee town near the coast of Vizcaya.
I don't know why and I think even if you told me I'd still not know why.
Anyway, mystery sculptor and council parks department: We Salute You.

For those who wish to fund their own bugBounty, we made a (hashtag) FediFlyer for that.

Download the SVG at the Gitlab (we promise there's no js in it :) and start advertising , Pleroma and your .

Together let's 'Reclaim the '.

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