If you are struggling to pay bills at the moment, you should know that just received $1.5 trillion.

That's enough money to give every (-we mean "citizen") about $5000 each.

It's worth remembering that this company pays workers under $15 an hour.

for the extremely wealthy - for the 99.9%.

@witchescauldron @dsfgs note as well that the last time Walmart got a tax cut from , they closed 63 of their stores: Trump's attempt at trickle down economics have already failed with & it was recent.


Sun. 20/03/22 17:17

You wrote: Walmart just received $1.5 trillion.

I did not know that.

Can you provide a link to where I can read more about it?

Thanks for asking.

We re-listened to the latest episode of (Sat 21 Mar) and the commentator said not Walmart. We apologise.

Its still bad and its very likely that Walmart receives a portion of this. This is NOT a time to pump money to 'too big to exist' entities.

Wall Street deserve prison times - not our dimes.

Tue. 20/03/29

Thanks! Learned about a new show, and I liked your rhyme, which inspired this rejoinder:

A pity 'bout those Wall Street blokes
in bed with politicians.
I plead "Vote Libertarian, folks!"
but no one ever listens.

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