I guess that's not your actual question. If you wanted to download the video, you can go to a different public instance where you then can get the video, or you can run
`mpv invidio.us/watch?v=123abcdexyz` in your local terminal (on linux and macOS)

@d599f84e I didn't know invidio.us was decentralized. Where would I find an instance with a working download? w.r.t mpv, I assumed that was simply a player. Does that include a feature to save streams to files?

> I didn't know invidio.us was decentralized.

It's not decentralized as such, but it is #FreeCode. So anyone who wants to can run an instance. You could run your own and make it totally #Tor friendly. Same with #Nitter (for Titter) and #Bibliogram (for Instagram).

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