At this point, I no longer feel it is merely morally permissible to violate copyright, but rather one’s *moral duty* to subvert the vast majority of copyright. “Intellectual property” is a thoroughly disgusting Orwellianism.

We have entered a period where a samizdat underground is necessary to sustain the basic facets of civilization. And public education is a central pillar of the commonweal.

#Torrent every goddam thing.

@Shufei Anything in particular that just disgusted you in regards to copyright?

Personally I'm enjoying & promoting truly independant fiction that isn't relying on at least the worst of these laws. I'm loving what I'm finding!

@alcinnz The copyright cabal going after Internet Archive. Despicable. Absolutely shameful. Libraries should be temples, whether online or off. They should be the centrepiece and pride of our species. Their doors should swing wide open for all comers, both writers and readers. Any society which undercuts the Library has lost the aegis of Heaven.

@Shufei @alcinnz Private property undercuts a lot of things, beyond libraries.

You may think that copyright is terribly unjust. That it creates artificial scarcity and does not reflect the way that cultural works are actually produced. That it props up the fiction of the lone creative producer. And you'd be right.

But in the world as it currently exists practicing civil disobedience against copyright turns out not to be a viable strategy. People tried that in the 2000s and it ended badly. It turns out that to abolish copyright you first must abolish capitalism itself.

@bob @Shufei There's a reason I encourage people to watch others' shows not funded and distributed by capitalists...

I wonder why that has led me to, amongst other things, hearing more anticapitalist themes?

There's and / anti-.

We'd say that 90% of anti-capitalists are actually, anti-corporatist.

Eg. if they could start there own little business, serving people in their community using the skills and passion they have for that venture, they would.

@bob @Shufei

@dsfgs Define things as you will, but at least on the fediverse anti-capitalism appears to mean an opposition to extremely wealthy individuals & corporations.

And both Welcome To Night Vale and The Red Panda Adventures are definitely against extremely wealthy individuals. I might enjoy extracting some quotes soon...

@bob @Shufei


Its not about defining things as we see, we just advocate using the correct words and terminology.

We want people to stay what they mean. If we don't mean (precisely) what we say we will be rejected by the vast majority and get nowhere.

@bob @Shufei

@dsfgs I'm trying to use the terms those I'm discussing with are. And I gather from others that these terms have been redefined from underneath us by the very capitalists we're fighting.

Still I don't know what I'm talking about here, try discussing with, say, @natecull . When I stop seeing "anti-capitalism" being used the way I mean it I'll follow suit.

@bob @Shufei

Okay, but we will say the is not a big subset of people and might attract people on the fringes. *wink*

Maybe we are fringe, but we were doing okay on till we started saying and educating on .

If we want our opinions to be accepted by 93% of society its best to use the correct terms and pinpoint attention on the exact issues.

Yes. , when taken to a particular extreme does stop being capitalism.

@natecull @bob @Shufei

@alcinnz @natecull @bob @Shufei

Maybe didn't like our writings either. It can be hard to tell precisely.

Alas, I can point you to a really interesting called (2014 ). It's short but fits A LOT in and predicts where (the anonymity of a corporate state being in control). We'd be interested in your thoughts on some of the predictions, if ypu have the chance to watch it.

Sorry we don't have a URL on hand.

@alcinnz @bob @Shufei
The most insidious thing about and is it actually crushes .

Oligarchs are about to destroy the and this is where we are. The are cosy with the oligarchs and feed them newly minted cash daily. Its , and .

Its why laws exist, but now they are not used because our are captured (see also ).


@alcinnz @bob @Shufei
This is why we say the system is so far gone that the only way we see to bring things back is by using ( and , the latter is easier and more liquid, , etc).

Yes, at the start of the bitcoin game some oligarchs might have a lot of it, but over time they have no choice but to spend it and thus their power will dilute. We think their power will dilute quickly.

Then and can succeed.

It won't be easy, just better.

@dsfgs @alcinnz @bob @Shufei wait, but bitcoin is not a hard currency at all. More over, due to it "independent" nature, it is quite unsustainable. I mean, the economic theory isn't invented by idiots. Without some external (yes, state :ac_facepalm: ) regulation it will act as random exchange.

@dsfgs @alcinnz @bob @Shufei consider the following:
Several rich persons cooperate and in the day X sell all the bitcoins they have in one exchange. I've also cooperated with some people who "buy" theirs bitcoins.
What will happen?
Due to extreme increase of offering and practically no changes in demand, the value of bitcoin drops.
And using those who bought their bitcoins they now have more that they have at start.

@dsfgs @alcinnz @bob @Shufei
N.B. currency fraud is technically possible with anything, which has no cost by itself (i.e. fiat). That's why we need economic security authorities.
Sad but true.

N.B.2 the disability to quickly change the amount fo money (i.e. by printing more) can also act as a destabilising factor. Some type of cryses can not be mitigated without it.
Sad but true.

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