I think I never posted a Twitter link here, but today that's changing:

Twitter is introducing fucking Twitter Stories (ahem, Fleets), and I figured it's a good time to remind everyone it's finally time to join the Fediverse:


Wanna chime in? Be my guest!


Oh well, at least in less than a month (Dec 15) we'll no longer be able to see people's feeds.

Yep, are deleting .

So *wink*


On a related note, we had an idea on Fedi tonight while talking to Adam, to use a hosts.txt file in a browser to links that are at bad domains (see , etc).

Are there any extensions that do this? It would be great if when the user hovers over the link a little popup from the extension might say which rule is being broken (eg. t.co breaks "Twitter" rule)

Even better at the OS level but that might break software connections.

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