My girlfriend got angry at me when I pointed out drinking coffee is same as taking drugs.

Coffee has a lot of caffeine which has
1) No nutritive value
2) Acts as stimulant (of course a mild one)
3) People repeat it, over time the amount of coffee people take increases to produce the same effect.

Just because everyone drinks it doesn't make it something good.

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Agree is a drug and that too many people have way too much.

and likely other big brands of coffee have also been known to have dangerously high levels of , which sources have said is to speed the drying of the product. So most coffee today is probably considered too.

But we know people who are extremely moderate in there intake one a day, and they go days without it. They don't need increasingly more.

Many who abuse…1/3

2/3…caffeine likely abuse it consciously from the start to perform "better" in whatever job they are doing. They may develop an addiction and wreck their own bodies but that is their choice to abuse the substance.

A lot of things have caffeine, eg. .

is often considered a drug, it's put in food with to create a physical reaction in the body that repricates the feeling of sucking a mother's teat. outlets and…2/3


3/3… producers are known to strive to make every mouthful of their product have this ratio of fat and sugar, to create addicted consumers.

So yes almost anything can be considered a drug or therapeutic, the important thing is whether a person is addicted. If your girlfriend is able to moderated her intake then using the odd stimulant on occasion is likely perfectly fine.

But do beware of , and any other non-organic brands.

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