A great way to help ensure the protection of your personal #privacy though the #advocacy of #FOSS and the #Fediverse is to avoid providing links to monolithic silos like #YouTube and #InstaSPAM from within the Fediverse.

Using tools like #Bibliogram and #Yotter, or #Nitter and others, posting links to videos and other content through these FOSS tools instead.

For example, here's a YouTube video on how to use #Invidious, and I've posted the link through Invideous itself to demonstrate how you too can help in making a difference:


Of course, uploading videos, photos, songs, and podcasts directly to instances in the Fediverse itself using servers running #PeerTube, #Pixelfed, and #Funkwhale are ideal solutions, but when such content isn't available in the Fediverse directly the tools above do a nice job at protecting the privacy of others and yourself - without being tracked and quantified as a commodity to be harvested like a crop.

#tallship #Vger #Cheezburgerz! 🍔


Agree whole heartedly.

Although we configure our to automatically switch links to an one served over , we always post links to videos through an invidious instance.

Its a basic case of growing awareness for more and freedom-respecting systems.

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