Today we see calling to donate to , that thing they constantly degrade.

The are just sitting there, with access to a constant supply of and trillions in effectively from govts to lord over everyone and laugh all the way to the bank as decays.

This joke has gone on long enough.

Stop the and break up already.


Want to see the at work?

These two "services" are provided by Cloudflare (last we checked).

They are for accessing and websites over the . Not something we recommended, obviously, with Cloudflare acting as a man-in-the-middle between you and the Tor or I2P website (and a very bad one at that - read on to see).



We went to an I2P website called to upload an SVG. Having uploaded the files you can access it via I2P at:

To access the same file from the clearnet, Cloudflare proxy services you would go to:




Try them, rather than getting the SVG the websites conveniently fail, in differnt ways.

What really stood out to us was the call to donate to , the very project they always seem to undermine.

"Donate to the Tor Project today and Mozilla will match your donation!"


Dear , please stop pissing on our leg to tell us its raining.

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