@tio not sure what to tell you, in the industry what they are doing is the definition of contextual advertising and not personalised advertising that google and facebook are doing.

unfortunately to build a service and maintain it you need people and resources and people need to eat and pay bills. donations are simply not enough for make that work

Generally speaking = . Small, organic, local, ethical.

also means . To us if you search for something and you get a few ads based on that search then thats type stuff, which is not a big issue.

Check out for info on many businesses (available in . Your country might have something similar).

Don't want ? Use .

Don't want to…(1/2)


@markosaric @tio@venera.social
(2/2) Don't want to give search history to just one big entity, and rely on one ? Use a instance to which will aggregate from different .

Using a Searx provider further helps to conceal your identity from the big search engines, because you a searching via a proxy.

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