If you DON'T live in the US and try over , are you prevented by 's hCaptcha?

How do you feel knowing that your local sends to a US-based that effectively owns 30% of the internet, trains , controls all of 's requests, and that consistently hosts content online?

@dsfgs what the fuck does hcaptcha and cloudflare's ToS have to do with bitcoin?

@dsfgs @dsfgs Why would that be any different outside the US? Tor hides your location, so I guess you mean to ask w.r.t. the bank's location. Since hCAPTCHA is GDPR compliant (unlike reCAPTCHA), I wouldn't expect a difference. BTW, I've reached a point in my #CloudFlare boycott where I actually prefer the captcha. It's a fast & efficient signal to avoid the site.

@dsfgs btw, CloudFlared banks seem rare, compared to brokerages and investment firms. Brokers are being tracked here: Use of CloudFlare gets the broker blacklisted.

@dsfgs ah fuck dude thats wild, reminds me of this great article I read by A Jacquin a little while ago, are you familiar?

@dsfgs oh absolutely, always #happy to #help a fellow #scholar ! they have a lot to say about you A JACQUIN OFF MY DICK AND BALLS LMAO

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