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This morning #Facebook removed my account without warning. I've had the account for over 15 years. I've never violated any rules. Reports are coming out of dozens if not hundreds of other left wing accounts being removed. #facebookdisabledme #socialism #CENSORED

The Fakebook purge seems legit folks, Twatter's purge is on the way 70,000 will likely come soon.

Don't get angry get organised.

It's Saturday. Printers are closed, so go out and doorknock, just ask people, "Wondering if you've heard of the decentralised social media platform known as Fediverse?"

That should be enough to start a good conversation going.

Moving forward we aim to design a …(1/2)

Moving forward we aim to design a that features:
- " with Facebook and Twitter" header (our followers liked/boosted).
- Short spiel about Fedi that followers liked, "Fed Up with a centralised empire dictating what you can and can't see and say online…"
- Why to get Fedilab app FREE via or via over (mac)

(see next)


- OPTIONAL Bug Bounty $500 in BTC for any security bug patches.
- , so you can easily edit the or don't offer one at all etc.

We recently designed (#)stickers and a sexy new Fediverse icon for 2021.

See (#)FediverseIcon for that.

It you are for flyers, please boost. If we get at least 3 boosts from people we know, we'll get to task.


Something worth adding is a photo of a happy family with a teen and a dog (or cat but good luck finding a cat that enjoys a studio portrait).

Did you know felt guilt using a in the 1950s. It made baking a cake too easy.

So marketing instructed women to add an egg, a worked out that the would represent her . Sales of cake mixes shot up immediately.




We can use similar strategies against using that photo mentioned above and words like, "Protect loved ones and yourself from 's invasive reach by switching to Fediverse using this simple 3-step process"

"1. Find a server you like (there's servers for X, Y, Z and even DFG. Host your own if you are good with computers),
2. Create a profile (you can 'lock' it so only people you trust can see your toots),
3. Have fun (with no dodgy algorithms filtering what gets seen)!

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