them: oh look, <big tech company> has a history of everywhere I've been

me: horrifying isn't it! these big companies spying on us...

them: oh, I've got nothing to hide, how is this bad for me?

me: it's not about you individually, but the power they get from all this data rivals or exceeds that of governments, and that impacts decisions made about many aspects of our lives in very real ways

them: well, I've got shares in <big tech company>


That moment I really viscerally realised how effective it has been allowing "regular people" to receive a small benefit from capitalism. They then support the whole damn thing. Most of which has nothing to do with a little investing here and there, but with power and domination, and all sorts of other shit.




The whole thing is similar. They own property as and as a way to avoid paying any , rather than the other way around (the more valueAdded / a person owns the more they should pay in tax).

These people are entitled too. "Why should I not be able to buy properties for my kids?!"

Its like the game, the faster you buy and build the more you can extract from the .

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