An AI is trying to take over the world, but it can only use the information stored on your computer(s), phone, etc. How far does it get?

@alexbuzzbee It finds a random dungeon generator and never escapes, only kills a few players.

In June last year, patented a that would use people's and mental effort to mine currency.

The elite really hate bitcoin. Could you imagine the singularity they could achieve if all that energy was directed into people to watching ads for 1c each ad, then optimising the ad based on the 15 different brainwaves?

But -owned is evil.


@dsfgs Why should I not report and block your account for reply spamming?

@dsfgs As far as I can tell it's totally unconnected to the rest of the conversation in this thread. It appears to be entirely an attempt to talk about your own thing somewhere people who aren't interested in it might be made to see it. That's spamming. Unless you can provide a satisfactory explanation, I will respond appropriately. You can talk about what you want on your own feed, but hijacking threads with completely unrelated content like this is not acceptable.

We probably should have trusted our instincts more when engaging in adventure with you. Stay well.

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