To be honest this is conditioning people to accept living like people in China. Its not a good meme.

is also capitalistic and fascistic as it is oft its highly in nature. We can bet a dodgy multi-national with ready access to desperate migrant labour at their disposal (and yes some would have died), made those .

We call out blatent sinophobia, but this meme is indoctrination. So the plebs accept an unhealthy lifestyle while the one percent and policy makers enjoy the benefits of open spaces, easy access to regenerative environments and green space, and access to workers from their remote island locations.

Overdevelopment is also a terrible strain on the environment, global SandMafia is a big part of that.

This meme is a false choice, there are plenty of vacant properties out there, if govt really was serious.

Building these flats is a social, and environmental disaster.

Haha, well let's just say its not the easiest place.

We have to be a net exporter of foods also in order to balance our books. Yet up until coronavirus, ppl were leaving the land for cities. Its been a mess thanks to financialisation and speculation and yes overdevelopment and universities setting themselves up as glorified property developers etc.

We don't need bogger cities. Quite the opposite.

Anyway, see you on Fedi.

@dsfgs @SeanAloysiusOBrien hey i'm a bit late to this discussion but have you tried having less white people in australia? that seems like it could help with the overpopulation problem you claim to be having. cheers!

Let's just say, in Australia (and other overdeveloped places), anyone who has more than a particular number of children, we can't have much… time… for, yes.

Don't make this about race, please.

Overpopulation and overconsumption are both issues.


@dsfgs @esvrld @SeanAloysiusOBrien i have 33 milfs overconsuming my ass, they just love eating it

@dsfgs @esvrld @SeanAloysiusOBrien anyway, have you read thomas layon's paper "refutations of the malthusian idea of overpopulation"


Malthus is not wrong, but the can has been able to be kicked down the road with a few tricks, that are coming to a head.

Malthus had a third theory, that ppl embrace limits to expanding, which also shows that he's not actually wrong.

You could say he covered all the bases. :)

Having said that has been abused in the past. We must be careful not repeat those, but sadly many appear to be trying to.

@esvrld @SeanAloysiusOBrien

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