Thanks for your effort @samuraikid, we looking into however and they appear to be .

If a site needs Cloudflare protection, we don't tend to want access to the info, fake/bad websites are the ones that tend to go after.

This is not a hard and fast rule though. 1/2
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2/2 @samuraikid

This is not a hard and fast rule though. You have shared it and we tend to like what you say and respect you. We'll go use<URL> later (rushed atm).

We always forget about ol' .

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Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News, correct? If he is an AshkeNAZI Crypto Jew, it is useless to expect anyone to go after him. He is protected.

Local police with actual morals do exist. Its whether they will be able to get/find Rupert, once Assange is killed. As it seems they are trying to set themselves up on remote islands.

LandRegisteries have been taken private (in at least) since was elected.

See our #)imprisonList for the "leaders" that will need to be put to trial and likely imprisoned for turning over to the transnational .


There is a Shadow Justice System in the US, Britain, her commonwealth countries, the US, in these countries these people are protected...if they want to go after Rupert, it would need to be in a country not under this axis of power. So how is the jpossible death of Assange connected to Rupert ? His network is very powerful and since these people are protected, they will never face justice, even if some good cops were to go after them. This is the same AshkeNAZI Jew Fauci, Gates, Biden, HC who set-up their Global Covid Crime Mafia. They are immune from prosecution of crimes.

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Australia is part of the British HUB of control part of the Axis of these crypto Jews, the AshkeNazi Rothschild bankers who control Cloudflare, the Google captcha system, the government & Intel agencies of these countries.....all part of the prison planet network of control....

@dsfgs @samuraikid

It's difficult to fully comprehend how things will change on the ground. Its also important to realise that transnational corporatists don't give a flying iceweasel about what religion you or they are.

They just want the circus show to continue, for their entertainment mostly.

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The Global Network of Corporate Control is a spider web all owned by the same banking families with the Rothschild being the HUB. They are the AshkeNAZI Crypto Jews running the whole show.
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So their Sabbatean Frankist Cult Religion controls much of the the Zionist Plan of Global Domination...they are using religion to gain more power and control over the planet. That is why they are actually Satanists, pedos, such as Biden, Pence... this is a huge network of secret societies, governments they run and control, almost all central banks, the MSM news, almost all of modern institutions and much of the planet.

Have you seen . Its the greatest history lesson. Produced by a history teacher and released in 2014, grounds his documentary in cold hard facts that scholars over the years tend to all settle on.

Was taken down for using a 5-second clip of a WWII film.

Its brilliant. There are torrents of it around, if you don't want to use the version someone reposted on YouTube.


I listened to a part of this movie and can see some truth told but also blatant errors & the same #lies about #Hitler and #WWII being promulgated by this movie:

1. It is true that #Goldman #Sachs & the #Rockerfellers are just front men of the #Rothschilds, who control everything. The Rothschilds are the #AshkNAZI #Crypto #Jews, the #fake Jews who claim they are #Semitic, when they are not. They are of #Khazarian origin, #Persian fake Jews, #Satanists who lead the #Bush #Cartel, the secret societies.

2. #Hitler was an #bastard #Rothschild son. They planned to use him to rule #Europe, true. But he rebelled against his masters and decided to create his own master race. He put the Rothschilds into jail, seized their banks. The movie does not tell the truth on this. (See the attached images).

3. The movie claims Hitler was a #NAZI. To the Germans & in Europe,this was used as a derogatory term. So this statement is false, the true #NAZIS are the AshkeNAZI Jews, who created #Bolshevism, #communism, thus control #China and #Russia via a fake #Putin double, Any apparent fight among Russia, the US or #China x the US is all part of the #Hegelian #Dialectic, just as the #Democrats X the #Republicans .

4. The movie paints #Roosevelt as a good guy, democratically elected. No president in the #US is ever democratically elected. They are all AshkeNAZI Jew agents. Roosevelt in fact issued the #Emergency #Banking Act of 1933 which seized all #American´s gold on behalf of the Rothschild #Banking #Cartel, so they could print an unlimited amount of money which has lead to the hyper #inflation, massive #debt #slavery and ultimate #destruction of #America !

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5.. It is true #Roosevelt issued the trading with the #enemies act, but this was just a front, a cover as these #AshkeNAZI #fake #Jews always do. They create a front cover story to appease the public, to hide their actual conspiracies with the #enemy. Those Roosevelt claimed he was fighting on behalf of the #American people were actually his allies whom he was in bed with ! And yes, the story about #Kennedy is true. But it was the #AshkeNAZI Jews, again, via the #Jesuits ( think the Crypto Jew Jesuit #Pelosi who organized the fake #insurrection on Jan 06th of 2021) - the CIA who organized his #murder, not some secret group of men few know about.

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6.. The movie thus contains errors also about the #German #concentration camps, claiming the conditions were gruesome. This is not true as @Hitler Adolf has posted pictures showing how they were actually nice facilities, with swimming pools and how the #Crypto #Jews were treated as #prisoners of #war yes, but with human dignity. (Nobody @neckbeard might want to post this info here again for us, to help me illustrate this). There were no “ mass exterminations ” of the #AshkeNAZI Jews. This is another lie in the movie. The supposed #gas chambers and the #Zyklon B gas, a pesticide, was to remove ticks, lice, flee infestation from the clothes, not to #exterminate the Jews!! There was no #Holocaust in #Germany in #WWII. The victors, the AshkeNAZI #fake Jews, tell a lie and distorted the #true #history. We defeated THE WRONG #ENEMY in WWII!

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6. While those chemicals originally may've been intended for treating clothes against lice/typhoid (the illness going around at the time), its possible for a faction to easily misuse the chemicals?

We know its controversial for some, we don't want to risk bad things happening on fedi by talking on it.
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So if the Fedi brakes because of discussions then:

1.. It is truly not such a good system.

2.. Free speech is not truly being followed.

3.. Several instances are attacking those telling the truth, blocking the communications between fedi servers ( I already know this is the case).

4.. It is useless to try to find anywhere to teach the truth if even the Fedi itself will not support it.

If the truth is not told here then it never will be. And time is running-out to save America from this AshkeNAZI Crypto Jew Bolshevist Revolution which they are bringing to America via the criminal Biden, as they plan to murder hundreds of thousands of Americans and people across the planet as they take-down one country at a time, enslave it´s people and implement their GLOBAL TECHNOCRATIC TYRANNY. So either you help us for find a way to help, or you will not be useful to this cause to free humanity before they carry-out all of this full blown evil.

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