If you speak to the average Italian, ie. not those who descend from wealth, they appreciate a lot of the things did also.

Scattered across Europe were many, many mining camps. Our understanding is not all of these camps were operated by truely disgusting and malevolent generals, some were reportedly nice and people and didn't suffer and it was somewhat convivial.


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However a sufficient number of these camps were intensely cruel and barbarbic.

Honestly, its difficult for us to know the exact events, because its an intensely controversial subject. But a number of people were worked to skin and bone and then murdered.

Maybe if history could somehow be reflected back at us by an alien race we might know the full extent of who specifically were the most heinous individuals? Its a long shot we know.


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Hollywood and the corporate media want us to keep it simple. That is, it was all Hitler and Germany and Mussolini, and that the bankers in the US and UK that invested in the HitlerProject are never, ever discussed.

This is very likely a deliberate mistake, because the corporateMedia are an extension of the corporateTotalitarianState and vastly defend from that wealth.



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They do this because if people, don't fully understand the past of totalitarianism, as it relates to WWII then we are very likely to repeat it.

As we explained a while ago, the best history lesson on this topic that we've seen is .

A final story. In in 2007, we finally booted from office (via the ballot box) an , a person who was ready to get things done.


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The rejection of the thuggish autocrat and abusive PM , could be felt in your core. Howard would divert attention from important things by pointing at on , and people to . An awful man. We elected who was visibly preparing to turn things around.

Amidst a , Kevin was great on , reducing our electricity use by 30% by starting an . (5/9)

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He was good on . He even arranged an effective that would go into a for things we genuinely needed, like plans for a real () plan. During the GFC he gave $1000 to each person, swiftly averting the crisis. He was on a tear. He was even able to reduce the number of people coming to Australia to be .

But during the insulation scheme rollout a couple people died and…(6/9)

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7/9…a couple of workers died and there were a couple fires due to shoddy workmanship.

The took this and ran with it. They were absolutely relentless and ruthless. If you were around at the time, you'd have thought 6 million people might die.

He (actually his EnvironmentMinister ) made one mistake, not making it mandatory for to be checked, to receive the .


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We can ask why didn't the draw attention to this omission before it was a problem but after the fact, the corporate media began orchestrating a against Rudd. When combined with an against the miningTax, which was childish but unavoidable, within 3 years of taking office the coup was done, the party "voted" to purge the PM we elected. The SovereignWealth MiningFund was apparently the last straw for the corporatists. (8/9)

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9/9… "God forbid that Australia be ", was our takeaway, though what they told everyone was the miningTax would hurt everyone.

Nonsense really.

So just like that they lied and exaggerated with KevinRudd to the corporateMedia are just as likely to do the same with other people they just want to destroy, and to whitewash history in a way that suits them.

Long-winded explanation, end.

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CORRECTIONS: remove "a couple people died", so it reads only as, "a few workers died".

You'd be mistaken if you think we have a quality fibre-to-the-home plan today. That multi-year, once-in-a-generation, plan was gutted, with the help of and who didn't want to compete with startups.

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CORRECTIONS 2: …finally *got into* office an , rather, haha.

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