After 's life fell into disarray and scandal 3 years ago, he was relegated to the backbench — you'd think he'd stay out .

But about 18 months ago he started putting himself out there again.

The first thing we saw was an interview he did on 's , where he talked about the of .

Fast-forward to today — he's 's Deputy PM again! We'll soon discover whether he was genuine in his talks to see a .


Now for an interview.

Here is (now 's DeputyPM) talking on to stop the obvious persecution and of .

"Unfair and outrageous (…) on the principles of , (…) , (…) the premise of facts."

"Media has (…) "


If you feel compelled to politely ask to continue to defend and 's sovereignty and , now that he's again, Deputy PM, find is contact information at ( FONTS WARN) :

You may also wish to contact other MPs in your state or territory too:

Come on , let's finally free an esteemed journalist and publisher today.

It should be easy, now. The case has completely fallen apart. That , youthful-looking reportedly of 28-yo admitted to false testimony.

Let's now, Barnaby!


(If you want to respectfully contact or your local MP, please see above toot)

If you feel compelled, and able to go out with a placard and chant out , and you are looking for other persons to join you, we will signal boost your call to action.

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