I bought a house about six months ago. Kinda feeling like a mope now though because it looks like they want to make it impossible to evict anyone ever again, so I could've rented a mansion until it fell apart for a lifetime cost of just the first months rent plus a security deposit.

(Seriously, I predict renting is about to get a lot more expensive and harder to access for people without steady jobs. Basically lots more people are headed to the projects---or the streets. 🙁)

Replacing a progressive income tax with a progressive might help *wink

Progressive means it goes up based on the amount of land one owns, regardless of whether it is rented on not.

@dsfgs @harding Progressive taxes deincentivize and stifle economic growth and limit economic mobility between classes


@realcaseyrollins @harding
What is meant by mobility in this content is unclear. Can you elaborate?

@dsfgs @harding What I mean is, it does not incentivize working hard to get a higher income level and net worth, since for every addition dollar of in one made, the government is taking even more of it.

A regressive tax makes more sense if you actually want more people to be richer.

Flat taxes are fairer than both tho.
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