#Bitcoin emits 10x more CO2 than what the global @tesla fleet "saves" / year.

By investing in it, @elonmusk pumps its prices, with direct impact on its consumption & impact.

All @tesla's carbon credits should be cancelled & refunded.

cf : medium.com/crypto-lucid/bitcoi

It uses as much energy as it needs, which is actually not that much in proper context. If govts (incl. and ) stopped attacking and to prepare for their , their'd be even less of an issue.

Over a month ago, it was at least good to see China crack down on miners using dirty fuel. So these points are all moot points in reality.

Bitcoin reduces consumption via saving, thus the most sustainable revolution we've seen in history.


@dsfgs Energy is something that should be spent carefully, not burnt for something as virtual as money. In an infinite universe with unlimited resource, this wouldn't even make sense. In a world which limits we're approaching so cruelly, this is criminal. What's so difficult to understand about that ? We're not attacking the people, we're not attacking the implementation, we're not attacking the structure it spawned, the concept in itself is flawed. Stopping bitcoin will clearly not be enough but it certainly is necessary.


> Energy is something that should be spent carefully.

Obviously, tells the and that, please. Not Lil ol' bitcoin securing the best form of and ever to grace the face of earth.

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