What are people’s thoughts on pen and paper journaling in a way that doesn’t generate a bunch of waste by discarding writing tool parts, but yet can still be done on the couch without fear of ink spills?

@dsfgs it was more a broad description of wanting to avoid ink spills rather than being specifically concerned about the couch.

I used to have a fountain pen that used suction to draw up ink from a bottle, and I loved it but it was a messy business both with the bottle and the pen.


Its an interesting problem. Is this about saving ink too? How big are the spills when they occur? One drop represents hours of writing, yes?

An ultra-repelant stable table with small dimples might help to pool spilt ink such that you can suck it back up into your pen or whatever, no stable table would have the ultra-repelant chemical because its highly toxic.

We'd love to see your in action, just for our curiousity but also it would likely help an .

@dsfgs I’m just moving back to pen and paper because trying to digitally combine cross-platform, FOSS, and a device where I don’t have to type is a huge pain.

Picked up a biro I already had lying about, and looked at all the plastic. I don’t want to go back to repeatedly throwing all that stuff away.

I’m looking at the refillable cartridge fountain pen approach @rd just put me onto and I think that’s a great solution. I’m about to order one, though going for a bit of a smaller budget option.

@dsfgs Since developing hand issues I spent a year only able to use Apple devices, first via voice, then gesture typing, then handwriting recognition. That meant getting unavoidably drawn into their app and file management ecosystem.

Now I’m a bit better I have more options, and have been looking into switching partially to Android. Investigating different software to transition to has been a reminder of how much lock in there can be doing things digitally.

@dsfgs And I’m also never fully confident what I write in my digital journal is private or secure. That confidence only decreases with time.

By going back to paper I don’t have to worry about the effect on my journals if I change operating systems or devices, and I can have full confidence that nobody is reading my writing but me.

It’s like they say, writing something on a paper note used to be looked at as highly insecure. Now it might be comparatively the most secure option available.

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