What do people think of a for , being:

The real social network.

Good, bad ugly indifferent?

The 'h' in 'the' is the canine.
The 'e' in same = icon.
'E' in real = icon.
'A' in same = (reversed).
'O' in social = mouse.
T in network = improvised
W in same =
O in same = icon

Any better ideas.

@dsfgs just keep focused it's simply the in contrast to the

Best not to feed the and push paths, don't get caught up in the mess.


The tagline:

"the open social network"

…does have a very nice aspect to it. The only issue is whether the everyday reader will see the word 'open' as meaning 'insecure', or 'inviting hackers' etc.

@dsfgs open web is a better discription tha "social network" which is the language of the let's use our language it's a web of links passing signals and we as human beings get to make the web strands

@dsfgs then the get the were it is them who set the strands in place and control the signal flows. Open "we" are in charge were closed "they" are in charge.

It's simple political language, which is what we need to start to compost this shit heap.

We need shovals

Using the abstraction of "open" is great for techies that understand how is closing, but is the average joe seeing this. They see everything looks /open to them. It all looks .

Do they perceive the ""?

If they don't, and especially if the don't then we'll fail with .

How about this…

"an interconnected web"


"a social network – but open" (strongly implies that social is currently closed)

@dsfgs communicating is a good, it's the only thing that drives social change/challenge. So having a communication gap while striving to bridge it is real change. So this is a question of balance.

As point we need extreame social change/challenge now... Let's use to move this agenda.

Open/closed is important as it challenges "us" as much as it challenges "them" we need to be the change as much as we need to change "them".

Yes, the principle is perfectly understandable to the techAware but what does a phrase like "openWeb" mean to the average person.

We have an opportunity to give people a tiny message, what will resonate with the average fakebook user today who thinks Fakebook and Instaspam are "open".

@dsfgs you would be right if the was not a long history to the word, we used to call meany things where now chained to the app eco system of the and think inside their worldview.

I understand it's hard to be constantly anti -

A time of crises for the long term it's the ONLY progressive thing to be.

@dsfgs Humm what am I saying? All my projects are embedded on linking alt history to alt-future.

One big project is to try and slow the tech churn, to push the agenda to a better balance.

We have a huge pile of tech shit to compost, let's not add more.


We like your "slow the tech churn" phrase. Our aim is to build an awareness that an alternative exists. The intention is not immediate conversion. They can continue to use the legacy social networks, the important thing is '' an alternative exists.

That's the only reason we use the 'social network' phrase, people need to KNOW the .

If there was another decentralised social to , we'd say 'an' but there isn't thus we believe 'the' is fine.

We of course know that there is more to ActivityPub than it being a 'social network', ie. , but again, let's work slowly. No point flooding them with too much info.

@dsfgs the majority do not want to be on the anymore. So being an alt for a moment is a down hill battle.

The problem we face is UX and disfuctional tribalism in alt is off-putting.

Then the is the issue of "digital drugs" which we have no answer to currently.

There language "social network" is poisend our language is fresh as the majority do not know what it means - but for us it means a lot.

Slow the tech churn, let's build from the web, the

> the majority do not want to be on the anymore.

Now that you mention it, our annecdotal evidence had reflecting this. Its about 50/50. Though we are not sure precisely where the 50% who ditch the are going. 15-30% are likely attracted to one of the many cloudflare closedSilos.

How about:

"harness the federated openweb"


I think we're close!

. . . . . . [()] fediverse
"a federated openweb is here"

@dsfgs @witchescauldron

> 'social network'

I usually talk about "social networking" as a real-world concept that is being translated for online use. Social network / social media has too much of the connotation of the platforms & products we'd like to get rid of. I use the term "traditional social media" to refer to them, to them old-fashioned sounding in the minds eye.

Note our 2 slogans:

- "United in Diversity" refers to fedizen.

- "Social Networking Reimagined" refers to the fediverse.

Hi @humanetech,

"social networking reimagined" is pretty great, thanks.

The 'n' in 'imagined' could be the canine and it would face into the design also. The 'e' in 'networking' could be the improvised funkwhale icon. The 'g' an improvised icon.


'Reimagined' can be given an upward slanting underline too.

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