@tommi posed an idea for a #Fediverse #Movie database in #Lemmy


And also on #FediverseTown


Candidate existing platforms to build from are @bookwyrm and @inventaire

But why fork, and create separate independent projects? Imho it would be great if there was a generic Fediverse Directory platform, with which you can create collections of any type of item, be they #Books or #Movies or what-have-you.

With plugins for templates + #UI widgets.

@humanetech @tommi @bookwyrm @inventaire

Could also be a good way to showcase movies made with free software e.g blender oen movie project and perhaps videos on peertube.

At the center of this discussion needs to be 'why'? Who would define the definitive list etc? It could descend into blockchain discussion. To showcase stuff thumbnails fetched from (?) URI headers should be enough.

We are also interested in censorship resistance, for the above. Think Tor and I2P URI support included in every instance by default.
@humanetech @tommi @bookwyrm @inventaire


@zleap @humanetech @tommi @bookwyrm @inventaire

How about this!

We already have to list stuff, but they can get poluted by spammers.

What if ( alert) you could an instance, ie. @openworlds.info#populationGrowth

Or search a user dsfgs@o.info#bailouts

Then you might get a more curated list of anything?!

(Silently bets that this is already a possible thing)

> Or search a user dsfgs@o.info#bailouts
+1 for this.

Sometimes I have trouble finding my own post about a topic and I think to myself if something like this is already implemented. Since we're discussing this, it is possible that I'm searching for a string too (which I may have not added as a hashtag on the post). Being able to search for anything for just a user would be helpful.

'Amen' to not being about to find your own stuff.

It gets hairy with the 'search anything' idea though. Would it apply to things you boost etc. Using is more sustainable long-term. Thing about 10 ppl searching for stuff at the same time on your instance. Its likely much more efficient (maybe even hardware optimisable?) to search on # only?

Also you need to give ppl the . Some people want to talk in a way that will not be searched, and should be respected.

> Also you need to give ppl the #RightToBeForgotten. Some people want to talk in a way that will not be searched, and should be respected.
Even if this feature is not implemented, someone will find something someday. Maybe some web searches could be possible with "site:" tag too, who knows?

I thought there are also some privacy options (follower only/direct) if someone wants to stay private.

@dsfgs My goodness! I just found a solution to the problem while replying to you! 😆

Searching with "site:" on searx listed my posts with a specific string. It even found replies that I've done on someone else's post.

@dsfgs I searched something like this:

"health odysee site:mas.to/@adnan360"

Quite right. Currently don't respect and its just a shame actually.

Legacy search engines also are good at 'picking and choosing' what they will return. So if you want a more complete , you *may* be better off from a

Yes, DM (PM) and 'Do not post to public timeline' are both possible.

We are not entirely right on that perhaps, searchEngines are supposedly respecting metadata in things like robots.txt and other areas as to whether to index a page or not.

@dsfgs Yes. If some instance admin wants, robots.txt can be setup.

Although I want my posts to be searchable. :) Most of my posts are public, so I don't mind search engines indexing them. It would help me later to find those.

@dsfgs It is possible to restrict the whole site or anything under a directory. e.g. To restrict tag indexes (instance.tld/tags/xyz) from being in the search results, this can be added:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /tags/*


But it is still up to the search engine to respect this. A naughty search engine can still index it despite having it listed there.

Cheers yes, there are things like that for 'allow' and 'disallow'. We meant another qualifier(?) between those two extremes that told the indexer to only keep hashtagged words. :)

@dsfgs Do you mean only keep the hashtags indexed and not the rest of the post content?

@dsfgs If so, it will have to be done on the software side.

1. Search engine crawlers (usually) have a special useragent which can be detected and when it is, software can render posts without unwanted bits so that the crawler sees only the allowed parts.

2. Internal search will have to be updated so that unwanted bits are not searched.

@dsfgs If it is universal though, I don't think it would be ok. The moment I forget to hashtag a word, my entire post could miss my audience.

I think if something like this is implemented, there should be a per user setting to enable an option to restrict access.

Its a slight tradeoff yes. You can always, delete/edit a toot, if you make a mistake.

But really there is nothing wrong by doing it like that.

Maybe if its possible to mark a line as /#lyrical they can be too?

@dsfgs Hmm. I write a lot about Free Software projects. Some don't have a lot of other pages to describe them, so my toots often get listed. And someone may see that post and get into using the project. So having something like this enabled in my account would possibly not bring in those new users.

As much as I want to I can't add #every #possible #hashtag #in #my #post #because #it #will #look #ugly. (See what I mean? 😄 ) So I can't help it.

1. Good idea, yes! That's how Fediverse could achieve it. @Gargron @lain @bob ?

2. Yes. As we understand software is already searching (functionally) like this.

Bingo, and for 50,000 instances hosting 200,000 ppl on average, we can quickly see why that would make things more workable.

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