I'm an #anarchist who votes.
I'm a #socialist who invests money into good causes.
I'm an #antifascist who wouldn't punch a #nazi.
I'm an anti-#racist without "many of my best friends being black".
I'm a #feminist who is against a #HeadscarfBan.
I'm a #FreeSpeech advocate who is pro deplatforming of hate speakers.
I'm a #SocialJustice activist who has #SocialAnxiety.
I'm a #vegan who doesn't do it for the animals.
I'm an #activist who spends a lot of my time being passive.
I'm someone who wouldn't board a plane, but dreams of flying.
I'm a #ClimateJustice activist who loves the heat.
I'm a #FreeSoftware enthusiast who can't code.

I'm a #pacifist with lots of conflicts.


We do like this, its a duality of wo/man, which is part of our complexity.

We wouldn't PunchANazi either, unless they were attacking, of course, but we wouldn't help them personally either.

We have noticed a very telling shift in those people who donned brazen PunchANazi personas suddenly go silent since the operation to take the genocidal nazi battalions out of a particular country.

Very telling. Fedi crawls with dark characters, to be honest.

Not crawling with them in larger quantities than the actual corporateState platforms of course, but they are around.

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