Today’s update of the “Official” Mastodon app now includes the local timeline.

However, it is a bit hidden. If you’re using that app, press the magnifying glass icon, then scroll the tabs at the top to the right and click on Community.


@ambassador Still missing bookmarks, lists and the option to see someone's followers/follows. I tried it for a week, but because of those reasons back to Tusky.


Showing the number of Likes and Boost ms is a (#)darkPattern, an antiFeature that was deliberately left out of fediverse till now.

It creates perverse incentives for bot accounts, creates suggestive group think problems, and is a waste of computing power and resources.

@joenepraat @ambassador

^^^ @thegibson

Interested to get your thoughts on the matter. This is a big step backwards in our view.

@dsfgs @joenepraat @ambassador yep I didn't want to see the number of likes and boosts. Maybe if I have to click through, but no its not important

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