Gab has been a for a long, long time, right?

We just noticed that an instance is blocking us for no reason.

Someone might like to inform, an instance still blocking because we've been dodgy servers, that if they are *really* about , they might like to consider their stance.

@dsfgs they are likely so it's not a big issue - blocking is fine in federated networks It's how "trust" is built and different from the


True. It has been years though. We don't see nasty stuff from nasty servers, but we don't know what other peoples timelines are showing. It would be good for trigger happy admins to reexamine old positions after a while.

It might all reflect badly on fedi generally if official looking instance block most of the fediverse.

Also we are missing out on seeing some artistic stuff and they are missing out on ideas that might inspire art.

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