If this uploads it will be a mini-miracle.

Opened to play with the colour everyone voted on () and played around with a complementary colour and realised I made a nice sunset and so had to make something with it.

Calling it : Bone Crushing Instance for .

Cheers @davidrevoy for the poll and 'interactive art' idea!

Horray it uploaded!

The resolution appears to have been reduced by the client perhaps? It should be 1920*1080 and under 500kb but we are not getting that back from the server it seems. Oh well.

Better something rather than nothing we suppose.

Great to see that images upload over Tor now!

Yep, the client was trying to be helpful by resizing the image.

Here is 'Epicyon: The Instance for I2P' in full 1920×1080.

Licence: CC-BY-SA

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