We find that using TorBrowser and are important first steps.

Purging and all website that use Cloudflare including , is is another important step. In hit Ctrl+Shift+E to bring up the Network Tab, by looking at the domains the websites use you'll quickly see which are Cloudflare by the "cf-ray" in the HTTP response. The Block Cloudflare MITM Attack (BCMA) plugin can help.

The addon is used by in TorBrowser, so use it.

There are two caveats to the above to be mindful of.

1. Unfortunately CloudFlare is used by last we checked but Visa have a bespoke setup that negates the need for the aforementioned ''.

2. Be mindful that the addon fetches all its from CloudFlare. May be reason for not blocking or warning of the , and why BCMA is neccessary.

Don't trust BCMA.xpi? — Convert the to a file and read the code.

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