Pleased to showcase our last Fediverse icon design. We're calling it ''.

If you have ideas to improve it, please tell us and we'll consider. There are two colour palettes for this design. This palette is the "organic" palette, see below for the other.

SVG to be uploaded. If you have a repo and would like to host this content, again, just sing out.

This is the "party" palette of the icon design.

It includes gradients and is more suited to websites that are going for a more colourful, vibrant look.

A variant of the "party" palette version without the yellow in the one triangle.

Its also a .

Again, all suggestions for improvement are welcome.


Thanks, Casey!

Which colours are you finding less important, the orange and browns? Or blues and purples?

We will make as many flavours as ppl want just like environmental activists like @PaulaToThePeople and made a green version etc.

I think the problem is actually the blending of the colors. Having so many different shades makes the logo look really busy

The way they are blending is via 'multiply'. We are hoping to resist manual intervention but it will probably be needed for the "final" result.

We don't like the green in our 'party' version ourselves and will seek a green that better matches (#)fedivert and the green in the 'organic' variant that you boosted.

That version is definately our preferred and we as designer we shouldn't have a strong preferrence.

The 'party' version reminds of the rn, lol.

Hmm...I generally think that having the colors overlap/cover each other rather than blend together would be the better move

To us, that is where the challenge is, we hope for a design that highlights how we blend together in interesting ways.

The icon does seem to read when small, on both a dark and light background. Even without the white sticker edge, which is promising.

Is it ok if we keep you in the loop on a future update. It will probably be a month or so away. We are stretched rn.

@realcaseyrollins @doctormo

As promised here is v2 of the design.

More chilled, subtle brown, fixed the green (decided against exact fedivert), shorted the green base so the icon is slightly more square (does make it more clear).

@dsfgs @tobi @jeffcliff @realcaseyrollins @doctormo I ❤️ it!!! 😍

It's a much better logo that the connected graph people normally use ... because the reality is not a big connected universe (thanks to block lists and people who are afraid of words), but a nice fragment of overlapping communities. 👍 🥳

Pleased to announced v3.

Something wasn't sitting right. A friend we miss, Freed Creative, said rounded edges suit fedi better, we went and tried that and it solved our annoyance. Also improved the colours of 'party' version, and shapes generally.

Now also with both an on-light and on-dark sticker.

@doctormo @jeffcliff @tobi @realcaseyrollins @lightone @drq

I absolutely LOVE those variants in the second image you sent! 🤩

Great to know. Thanks. We hoped both would have their own use cases and judging by your interest in both at different times, maybe that will eventuate.


So as not to cause too much bother we will limit the replies to only those that reponded in some way, moving forward.

@doctormo @lightone @jeffcliff @tobi

We produced How-To-Draw for the .

It was produced completely without measurements and somehow we produced it at (1mm off — ie. 211mm rather than 210). We produced it for the web anyway — so don't even think about it!


@realcaseyrollins @djsumdog @jeffcliff @tobi


We are dedicated to seeing switch to a more correct 'Fediverse' .

Share a link to a non-Cloudflare site that uses less appropriate iconography (eg. Mastodon icon) and we'll our time to export a Fediverse icon in the exact format size and colour they need.

After they adopt it, they can proudly say they are a .

Please boost.

@realcaseyrollins @djsumdog @jeffcliff @tobi @G1galovaniac @donno @joel


If you've ditched for or Fedi, consider one of these for a bold statement.

Theese icons have a similar shape and colour to the legacy site but designed from the party-style of the icon.

@realcaseyrollins @djsumdog @jeffcliff @tobi @G1galovaniac @donno @joel @eri

@dsfgs @realcaseyrollins @djsumdog @jeffcliff @tobi @G1galovaniac @donno @joel
you should eat as many rocks as your stomach could fit in and go swimming in the ocean until you can't see the shore anymore

Is that what its like to moderate your beloved , as one of the homophobe racists, 'David Cobbolla' (we forgot your name but its something like that).

Someone came forward and told us about you.

Welcome to Fedi, what took you so long?

@joel @djsumdog @donno @G1galovaniac @jeffcliff @tobi @realcaseyrollins

@dsfgs @joel @djsumdog @donno @G1galovaniac @jeffcliff @tobi @realcaseyrollins it's David Kabbalah you retard. i will moderate my WikiMedia just how i please

@joel @djsumdog @donno @G1galovaniac @jeffcliff @tobi @realcaseyrollins
The creep can safely be added to your ignore list, folks.

As described in our pinned toot censors Wikimedia, very deceptively and in bad faith to wait the maximum amount of a person's time acting in good faith.


And we don't like to say that about anyone.


This is the 'Kallabah' of human being they have at Wikimedia, folks. 😂

We may ignore/mute the person, so will likely not be responding and recommend others do the same.

@joel @djsumdog @donno @G1galovaniac @jeffcliff @tobi @realcaseyrollins

Look ma, I learning to be an extremist Nazi on a CloudFlare server "", like my friend who I haven't seen on Discord since Monday.

My avatar is Complete with Auschwitz photo and skull iconography, and I can be seen wearing a Burger King hat because being a fascist is profitable for me and I hope to sell the bodies back to the plebs as meat.

I'm a clever nazi.

@bara @AR-15

Oh SHIT you found out I was using Cloudflare you must be a 1337 hacker bro I’m so sorry for crossing you please accept my sincerest apologies sir I didn’t mean to be a Nazi it’s just that there are so many niggers and jews trying to kill me I felt like I had no choice oh but now I see the light sir please don’t report me to the internet police I’ll be a good boy from now on I’ll eat the bugs

^^^ Some ppl have no idea how they are being groomed.

They are too young to know about PeakOil and too young to use the internet, generally.

@bara @AR-15

Believe it or not, you don’t actually need to add the ^^^ when you’re replying to a comment. This may be news to you, but when you reply to a comment it actually shows you where in the chain that comment is (normally it’s directly above the comment that you post). I don’t remember peak oil but I do see you’re trying to educate me on peak boomer so I appreciate your efforts.

One doesn't need to be a boomer to know about PeakOil.

LimitsToGrowth was reprinted.

The original prediction of mid to late 2020s turned out to be fairly accurate.

@bara @AR-15

Sorry man I was born in 2021 I have no idea what any of that stuff is.
I do. I'm the co-host of the hottest podcast that the overwhelming majority of people have never heard of. I'm also working with @rob to build a new platform for people who are sick and tired of the globohomo anti-White bullshit. I actually do have an identity beyond CloudFlare, you just can't see it because your head is so far up your ass :yotsuba_cope:

Okay but control your poison. No one here is anti-white.

We saw maybe two people two years ago on Fedi that were, the other three million are cool.

@bara @rob @AR-15

Control my poison?
>don't fight back, goy, it's venomous!

You've got to be kidding me. This brow beating nonsense doesn't work on anyone, especially not me. Get off your high horse, nerd.
@dsfgs @matty @bara @rob @AR-15 > Okay but control your poison. No one here is anti-white.
You contradicted yourself by using a lowercase W.
@dsfgs @matty @bara @AR-15 what is your anti-DDOS solution sir? competitors are always welcome in this space, and some of them (like vanwatech) suck balls.
@dsfgs @bara @matty @AR-15 That isn't actually an answer to my question.

Say I set up my own website, I purchase (or rather rent, as it seems to really go in practical terms) a domain, I set up my own server to host the website (renting a VPS or a computer in my basement, either way) and sure it starts off small but gains a following. Then it starts receiving distributed denial of service attacks. For what reason? Any number of reasons. Angry users banned for breaking TOS using bots, someone posting sensitive info and the site earning the ire of someone more influential, or maybe it just.. happens because my part of the country is under attack via the internet.

Not an exhaustive list of reasons, but other than purchasing DDOS mitigation what could I do, sir? Currently the best in the game is cloudflare.
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@dsfgs @matty @bara @AR-15 "Grooming" is a term that refers pretty strictly to faggots, cocksuckers, and child-molesting lala fruit men. Please consult the referenced style guide for proper Fedi usage of these terms.
@dsfgs @matty @bara @AR-15 Matty i did not realize you were young enough to groom…this changes everything…have you ever thought about wearing animal costumes?
@dsfgs @bara @joel @djsumdog @donno @G1galovaniac @jeffcliff @tobi @realcaseyrollins Your icons look like shit tbh, pretty sure I sneezed into a tissue and came up with something more coherent.

@bara @dsfgs @joel @djsumdog @donno @G1galovaniac @jeffcliff @tobi @realcaseyrollins Imagine what passing a squad of crusty shale through your digestive system would be like. Every so often you’d pass a trilobite skeleton or a clumsy amaterish hand-dipped candle - very cool! - but otherwise, probably an ordeal.

@dsfgs @realcaseyrollins @djsumdog @jeffcliff @tobi @G1galovaniac @donno @joel You should put anime girls in your icons. Beauty is very powerful for mental health, also that way users will know you're not gay.

@dsfgs i'd have to wonder what a fediphone would look like...

Hi David, what do you mean? The above post is for websites. We are volunteering to help folks update the social buttons on their website.

@dsfgs I was simply thinking that if I did a social site link back to here, what might a telephone derived icon for that look like...

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