So the thinking is, we could replace incomeTax, basically, with GST (we've had GST in Australia on non-essentials for a few decades and it seems to reduce consumption) and a proper landTax.

Yes, in today's environment we totally understand.

Moving forward things are going to change though. Govts will not have the power to printMoney. In order to fund a UBI we advocate Progressive LandTax, ie. the more rental land value one owns the more tax they pay as a percentage, of that RentalValue. People/businesses can't fake the land they own, the same way they fake losses. *wink*

That sounds like it would suck, yes, and Zoom is literal malware so double pain we feel for you. Ouch.

Hi Dev,

We understand everything except the part about savers? Why reject friendship of fiscally conservative people? Do you reject friendship from people who save money to buy a home, or for a rainy day?

The big problem the elites have with freeing . Is he would be a great force for good in the world.

Over the years he was forced to accumulate , when froze his account. This likely means that if freed, he'd be able to chart a bright new course for the planet, based on ethics, transparency and healing.

Elites cannot tolerate this. They want him dead, so he can't achieve good things, but are also frightened by the that'll be released if he dies.

They just be auditing their own ilk.

Fedi is the answer, see our (#)FediFlyers boosted yesterday.

So apparently added a tab to . Is that a thing ppl use?

The tab features , and as far as we have been made aware.

Was it the designed to grow in deficient causing VitaminA deficiency and in children - or another one?

Feel free to DM

Since then, I came in contact with various assorted “multinational” #NGO, mostly while in #Africa, and they range from arrogant cretins to profiteers (one exception: #MSF).

I won't get into details but in one case I know of one of these NGO *caused* a #famine.

TL;DR there are a very few, small and specialised NGO that do good work, but the safe bet if you want to contribute to a juster world, is to stay well away from anything waving the NGO banner.

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> #Assange is not the only one to have met this fate, of course, nor is he the worst #torture case I have seen in my job. I have a dozen reports like this on my desk every day – always horrific stories. Beyond that, however, the Assange case is emblematically important because a precedent is being established here.

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> It is rather obvious that this man’s rights have been systematically violated for ten years. These are not just the odd irregularities that can occur in any procedure. We are talking about countries like #Sweden, Great #Britain or the #USA. These countries have highly developed legal systems in which such things do not happen by coincidence.

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pol. Universal Basic Income. 

The countdown is running on the European Citizens Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income.


The Corona Pandemic has shown us the cracks in the current system. Cracks through which many are slipping.

1 million signatures and quorum reached in at least 7 EU countries by 25.12.21 is the aim.

Thank you for your time.

Thanks for the reply,

Thinking about the non-power user, is there a default? If so, what might it be?

One of the saddest interactions of the week we had with a person who strictly resists talking about anything they deem "political".

We just asked, "Did you enjoy having your on ", and they just withered into the corner.
"Yeah…", admitting something was amiss, "I don't want to talk about it."

Quality sheepishness/slavery.

Thankfully we've had countless positive interactions this week that tell us that a lot of people are not asleep at the helm.

We agree. We don't care about Facebook either. We care about the impact that they have on the wider society, and thus us, however.

Indirectly, but still very really.

It may be disappointing to know that wherever you go you will likely find ppl that will at some time or other talk about politics, because it is very intertwined with tech.


> Sick of politics

Facebook just banned news in Australia. So good luck seperating tech and politics moving forward. *wink*

Hi Apps,

Thanks for your work and communications as it relates to .

We notice three different types of 'Distributors' for . Which will Fedilab be using, , or the one ()?


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