Earth Strike actions are starting around the world today. It’s incredible to see the amazing mobilizations and actions we’ve had internationally after starting less than a year ago. I’ll try to post some good pics throughout this week to this account of strike actions. Much love and solidarity to organizers everywhere 💚❤️🖤💚

Hey everyone, the strike is coming up in two days and it’s time to get excited! Feel free to send me a dm with your general location if you’re having trouble finding your local strike and I’d be happy to help. Solidarity and I’ll see you on the streets this Friday!

It's not only in Europe - San Francisco brought to a standstill by 100+ people, while in parallel is blocking #wellsfargo #ClimateAction #ClimateJusticeNow

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On Friday the 20th and 27th of September we will strike again for the right to a future. But we can’t do it alone. To really make a difference we need the adults to join us.
The children in India leads the way!! #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike

Gonna be in Glasgow this saturday? Come on down to the Glasgow Community Climate Assembly!

Community Climate Assemblies are happening throughout August and September to show worker-youth and community solidarity and momentum for the September General Strike :earthstrike:

Hello! Earth Strike international is finally back on Mastodon after a long hiatus. If you don't know who we are, please take a look at our website and feel free to ask any questions.

We are officially less than a month away from the September 27th global strike and things are moving fast. We are certainly happy to be able to connect to all of you here!

@spiralmom Hey, you are welcome to follow us! We are an environmental labor org working on organizing a general strike that just created an account here :)


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