ECOLOGICALLY SPEAKING there are far more issues than just CO2. Global warming is simply the first one we drastically experience. The destruction of our ecosystems through ocean acidification, industrial fishing and agriculture, cattle farming, deforestation, mining operations, the introduction of biocides, plastics and other toxics, land sealing, and the list goes on and on and on. We are screwing with Earth's buffering capacities, so a few folks can have fancy new sh*t.

ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE is what we got us. When Earth's radiative equilibrium is altered, a transition to a new climate state occurs. A change of Albedo and greenhouse gas concentrations can influence radiative forcing e.g., and trigger tipping points. Chaotic weather patterns, mass extinctions, and desertification are some of the consequences, due to a lack of adaptive capacity. There has always been climate change, but adding 40 Billion tons of CO2 a year to the atmosphere is nuts.

Weather Update / Global Warming, Here We Go!

- The Arctic is on fire... and they just measured 21°C

- In Germany the heat record was broken three weeks back and it will be broken again in the next days at 41°C

- In Israel temperatures reached 50°C

- In Manhattan, Brooklyn and northern NYC A/C's crashed the electric grid for about 200k people

- The world witnessed the warmest June in history, 2014 - 2018 were the five hottest years on record, and 2019 is on its way to top them all


Its a part of the #OMN