ECOLOGICALLY SPEAKING there are far more issues than just CO2. Global warming is simply the first one we drastically experience. The destruction of our ecosystems through ocean acidification, industrial fishing and agriculture, cattle farming, deforestation, mining operations, the introduction of biocides, plastics and other toxics, land sealing, and the list goes on and on and on. We are screwing with Earth's buffering capacities, so a few folks can have fancy new sh*t.

"If the world's ten biggest ships would stop running on fossil fuels, we would save more CO2, than by getting rid of all car traffic in Europe." - Dr. Eike Hamer von Valtier

"No, there will probably not be a revolution (.) next friday, (.) but still, we need to be ready for rapid and sizeable changes (.), and the only way to be effective in this, (.) is to (.) develop infrastructure, (.) create a culture capable of putting up a fight, that gives [people] a sense of purpose, self-worth, usefulness and enlarge that culture (.) until it becomes a viable alternative (.)"
[Rop Gonggrijp and Frank Rieger]

What we know?
Life in our oceans will be unrecoverable 10 years from now. The 3 - 5 degrees temperature rise might achieved with the Paris agreement will cause our infrastructures, supply chains, our civilization to collapse. Banks and capitalism are destroying our home. Resentment and anxiety are poisoning our minds. We are drifting, further and further away, from the shores of our nature. To establish a safe harbor, we have to act now.

And, by the way, what do you think about Open Source Hardware?
['Global Village Construction Set' by Marcin Jakubowski, Open Source Ecology]


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