How looks the #jetstream during #heatwave in #Europe ...

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@tuxom Even though, I was shocked by the farmers' approach, it's not utterly stupid to burn fossil fuels for that purpose. At least they use the resulting heat appropriately. Regarding cars, we basically use heating systems providing a little acceleration as engines. :/

Weiß nicht, ob die Doku in Österreich die Runde gemacht hat, daher: Die Erdzerstörer, Arte 2019

@michel why don't you put your off topic spam somewhere else? – what a waste of ressources.

@tuxom In Germany apple trees start flowering two to three weeks earlier since a few years, animating pollinators to come out, too. As temperatures below 0°C can still occur at this time of the year, the shift has severe consequences for bee colonies and farmers. I've seen pictures of farmers putting up oil lanterns all over their orchards...

@cassolotl doesn't make me wrong. There is very few UK sources showing the actual issue. Have a look at Germany 2016:

@cassolotl don't want to crash your party, but electricity only accounts for 18% of your primary energy consumption – think traffic + heating in winter. In Germany, on sunny, windy days, almost 80% of electricity is generated sustainably. This is a problem for coal power, though, as these plants are designed to run on full capacity. That's why lobbyists and politicians slowed down this development by eliminating subsidies, and destroyed about 100k jobs in renewables.

@GreenandBlack depends on your climate, and on how you justify it. worst case: you need a greenhouse... educational purposes. :D

@Juju Replace 'Therapy' with 'Self Reflection/Self Reflecting' und wir sind einen guten Schritt weiter.

@GwenfarsGarden Sure, to me it's also some kind of last resort. At least we are environmentalists and can share knowledge to adapt to this. I started introducing trees ready to cope with higher temperatures and lower water availability to my garden. I put them right next to my grow beds, and I'm looking to train them, so in mid-summer they provide some shade. Moreover, I'm looking to build some swales and two or three small ponds... my water bill sucks recently ;D

ECOLOGICALLY SPEAKING there are far more issues than just CO2. Global warming is simply the first one we drastically experience. The destruction of our ecosystems through ocean acidification, industrial fishing and agriculture, cattle farming, deforestation, mining operations, the introduction of biocides, plastics and other toxics, land sealing, and the list goes on and on and on. We are screwing with Earth's buffering capacities, so a few folks can have fancy new sh*t.

"If the world's ten biggest ships would stop running on fossil fuels, we would save more CO2, than by getting rid of all car traffic in Europe." - Dr. Eike Hamer von Valtier

@GwenfarsGarden agree. I already considered moving to northern Canada in a few years. What we're experiencing right now, is probably only the beginning (i.e. our emissions pre-2004). The IPCC is way to conservative to give proper outlooks. Actually, no honest scientist will give you a binding forecast - this is all going way faster, than anyone could have imagined.

@GwenfarsGarden 34° over here in Germany... you can read about it in my last post.

ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE is what we got us. When Earth's radiative equilibrium is altered, a transition to a new climate state occurs. A change of Albedo and greenhouse gas concentrations can influence radiative forcing e.g., and trigger tipping points. Chaotic weather patterns, mass extinctions, and desertification are some of the consequences, due to a lack of adaptive capacity. There has always been climate change, but adding 40 Billion tons of CO2 a year to the atmosphere is nuts.

Sure, there are places experiencing cooling (e.g. northern Canada), but looking at regions known for their cool temperatures like the Arctic, Scandinavia or Siberia... there are no computational models to explain this. We are definitely in the middle of an extreme global warming, which is accompanied by changing weather and flow patterns (=> storms, droughts etc.). The only known event close to this is the PETM. It's just... we are at least 100 times quicker.

Weather Update / Global Warming, Here We Go!

- The Arctic is on fire... and they just measured 21°C

- In Germany the heat record was broken three weeks back and it will be broken again in the next days at 41°C

- In Israel temperatures reached 50°C

- In Manhattan, Brooklyn and northern NYC A/C's crashed the electric grid for about 200k people

- The world witnessed the warmest June in history, 2014 - 2018 were the five hottest years on record, and 2019 is on its way to top them all

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