@tought1tties Hii, nice to have you here in the fediverse, hope you find it enjoyable!

@Higher_Priestess hi, I'm not on this instance a lot but nice to meet you!
You can call me dude (he/him). I am an anarchist and environmentalist oriented 'activist', student, and sometimes a teacher. I do some stuff with Extinction Rebellion too.
You seem like a great person.

Not mine but sharing this Zine by @radicalresilienc@todon.nl
Caring Movements - Chronic Illness and Activism

They explore questions like:
What attitudes&behaviours towards health&care do we carry over from mainstream culture?
What hinders people with illness from taking part in our movements?
How can we make our movements more inclusive&move towards more of a culture of caring?


Zine : Caring Movements – Chronic Illness and Activism 

@radicalresilience This is great stuff!
There is great advice in here that I'll try to remember (and I'll definitely keep a copy so I can look it up when needed).

Zine : Caring Movements – Chronic Illness and Activism 

We've put together a #zine about the experiences of people living with chronic #illness within #activist movements.

We explore questions like:
What attitudes&behaviours towards health&care do we carry over from mainstream culture?
What hinders people with illness from taking part in our movements?
How can we make our movements more inclusive&move towards more of a culture of caring?

Reflecting on these subjects is key to growing stronger movements that are able to create real alternatives to the capitalist nightmare and to bring down this harmful system!

Here is the zine to read online or to print at home. If you want to print in a "professional" print shop, please contact us for the print layout version.


If you like the zine, please share it with your groups and networks!

Thanks to EYFA eyfa.org/ for support and graphic design.

@presenceseekers To me, right now, it feels like feeling my body, the tension in my shoulders.
It feels like feeling my emotions in my body, and feeling a little tired.
It means enjoying this slightly bitter tea.

Thank you for asking

Yesterday I was a demo where there were counter-protestors. The racist/fascist counter-protestors at anti-racism demonstrations are known to get violent and some events have even been called off because they were expected to come too.
There wasn't a lot of them and thankfully I didn't even see them. When we left the host told everyone to be sure to walk away in groups, not alone, because they could still be there.

I'm glad it all went well, and I'm really glad I went.

We're organizing a climate march in March in [my city].
It seems like no one has done anything yet, which means one thing, which I'm more and more beginning to realize: It is up to us, to me, up to the young people. If we want it we have to do it ourselves.

This is slightly scary and overwhelming, but also so fucking empowering.
In the end this thing is going to be started and organized by a bunch of weird people in their early twenties.

Went to a meeting about setting up a local Citizen's Assembly. It's not something my group and I can realize any time soon but the idea is amazing. Especially on national scale as long as nations are a thing.

Citizen's Assemblies are the future of democracy, beyond electoral politics.

A reminder not to let the rich people fool you into thinking that the only reason why taking a break or taking care of yourself is permissible is because it makes you a better worker for them afterward

Vrije Bond: **Demo: Sta op tegen racisme!**

"Sta op tegen racisme!Zwijgen is geen optie! Al jarenlang zijn protesten tegen de racistische karikatuur Zwarte Piet doelwit van extreemrechtse terreur en racistische intimidatie. Deelnemers aan vreedzame KOZP-protesten worden bekogeld en bespuugd, demonstraties worden onmogelijk gemaakt. Er werd zelfs een aanslag gepleegd op he…"


#anarchisme #bot

We hung posters on many bicycle routes into the city centre.
People who rode by really did not care. We even hung at a bus stop where there was a guy who looked at us.

All part of the campaign to spread awareness of the impending climate disasters.

Nomadic Youth have been making free pronoun badges for UK based young people wanting to avoid misgendering from their family over the festive season and are looking for funding so they can create more instagram.com/p/CII-U-inYMo/?i

So yesterday I went out to chalk on the ground as a thing against Black Friday. (We also had chalk spray which should stay visible for a while and feels like doing graffiti)
It's not as big as what I see on here all the time. The idea was that the people could not get around climate change and exploitation on that day, and I think a lot of people did see our messages.

Planning to do more things soon.

Hello everyone! Recently, I've been learning more about leftism and gaining an interest in mutual aid and activism. While a very general question, could anyone provide advice/resources for a beginner that wants to learn more about activism and organizing?

@Melli My personal advice is to tune in to your local indymedia and alternative news sites. They give you an idea of what's happening near you and sometimes announce events you can join.
Once you go out and do things and meet the people that do things, you might find that it's quite easy to be part an activism group and to organize.

@Melli If you're into podcasts check out Rebel Steps

They've got nice and short but really useful episodes for people that are new to organizing and activism or thinking of getting into it :)

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