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KOZP-straatkrijt actie bij station in Weert
"Weert kan het"
"Black Lives Matter"
"Zwarte Piet hoeft niet" (2x)

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KOZP straatkrijt-acties zojuist in Weert en Nederweert. De kleurige zijn in Nederweert. #KOZP
"Begrip!! Respect!! Erkenning"
"Weert tegen racisme"
"Weert kan het! Nederweert ook?"
"No More Blackface"

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Good morning i guess,

Today i woke up with the thoughts i went to bed with.
I have to spend a long day behind my desk. The weather seems fine, i see clouds the don't look like they'll rain, which are basically a blanket to keep it nice and warm. So i'll be looking forward to my afternoon walk all day.

How are you? What are you looking forward to today?

Six haiku still venting at police 

He then threw his dog
At the confused scared old man
Wounding him badly

Through the car window
Of the unarmed man, came the
Exited canine

'Let go' yelled the man
In the uniform ten times
But the dog would not

The retired dog
Still loved to bite so he bit
My dear friend's father

No apology
For the black passer by, no
Instead jokes were made

Dog bite then taser
In jail with a broken arm
Three kicks on the ground

while i'm venting on police violence 

there's not even rules about when police can use dogs
fuckin nuts


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