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I actually played around with translating CPython (3.9+) awhile ago. Their new parser made it much easier though getting unicode to work was tough. It is extremely scrappy & incomplete but I actually now write my hobby programs in malay hehe.

I don't even know what's the best way to share this... I'm thinking like a git patch on an official source code release or something

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@stman Language. Every child should be able to use and learn technologies *completely* in their own language, then have a pathway into developing with at least a language that is substantially similar to their native language.

Until the day English is no longer a monopoly of our computational ideas, cyberspaces cannot truly realize the immense diversity of people.

Do you respect a certain religion if you don't even acknowledge it exists? There are thousands of rich traditional religions that we could choose to learn about, or choose not to. Theoretically we respect them, but we do not even know what they are? Can I intentionally cease to remember what christians are, while at the same time say I respect them?

We have started to see things from the perspective of the colonised peoples.

Remembering such as that brought to us by , who is still being in the according to the UN Special Rapporteur on torture.

Remembering when our was not -hosted.

Remembering when 40% of our banks were not CloudFlare.

Remembering 2007 when we elected a fair PM and leader, , because ppl could see through lies — only to witness a 2010 coup.

Europeans celebrating 'australia day' is literally worse than if the germans were celebrating the holocaust

swearing about nft 

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Wikipedia - Modern Arabic mathematical notation

Modern Arabic mathematical notation is a mathematical notation based on the Arabic script, used especially at pre-university levels of education. Its form is mostly derived from Western notation, but has some notable features that set it apart from its Western counterpart.

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well.. lemmy is gone case.. the edgy europeans discovered it and are currently spamming it with gore and racism. good luck to the admins..

Engllish quizes!!!

On 1969, ______ went to the moon

pastor house na him dey fine pass
my people them dey stay for poor surroundings
pastor dress na him dey clean pass
it hard for my people for them to buy soap
pastor na him them give respect pass
and then they do bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad things

Katla 1 X/6


susah sih

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