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I actually played around with translating CPython (3.9+) awhile ago. Their new parser made it much easier though getting unicode to work was tough. It is extremely scrappy & incomplete but I actually now write my hobby programs in malay hehe.

I don't even know what's the best way to share this... I'm thinking like a git patch on an official source code release or something

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@stman Language. Every child should be able to use and learn technologies *completely* in their own language, then have a pathway into developing with at least a language that is substantially similar to their native language.

Until the day English is no longer a monopoly of our computational ideas, cyberspaces cannot truly realize the immense diversity of people.

Ms Marvel tv series is legit really f-ing good. What's NOT acceptable however is their abuse of periorbital hyperpigmentation, a sign of beauty that is the natural darker shade around the eyes, as a sign for "this character is bad".

i just realized i dont really know whats the dufference between spoken 't' and 'd' 😶

i should be installing agda and preparing for the HoTTEST summer school rn xD

hm guess i got over my unlit-room-at-night phobia and lift phobia. but not yet the electric shock phobia

nice i am firmly past the stage where i can tell a text is in swahili when i read it even if it is unlikely that i can undrstand it yet

EACOP is :
💧 putting the water of 40 million Ugandans & Tanzanians at risk
😡 100,000 people displaced without compensation
⚠️ a huge climate bomb: longest heated oil pipeline in the world

setting up project workflow is so hard 😣 take it step by steppp

Installing Linux:

Installing Windows:
Product Key
Version Settings
Windows Account
Privacy Settings
Advertisement Settings
Windows Account
Update Settings
Personal Data
Windows Accounts
Speech Settings
Network connection
Location Settings
We'ar setting things up for you
Xbox live
Windows Account


Igbo proverbs are the most beautifulest. or maybe it's just thanks to Chinua Achebe

I've been meaning to write alt texts for pictures of sign language gestures.

It's super hard to describe hand position in a way that you can actually visualize them, and I'm starting to wonder if there isn't prior art for these.

I realize that the overlap of blind people who sign must be super small, but I'd still like to have them as to have textual descriptions of the gestures for plain-text documentation.

Any suggestion welcome ✋

کاتادل (25 جون 2022): 4 ڤر 7


Prediction: Americans will endure even more surveillance of all women - in case they get pregnant and in case they abort if they get pregnant.

Land of the Free. lol


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