Video of my fun university fluid mechanics project! Some of the experiments are questionable in its scientific integrity 😹

Coded the last bit almost entirely in Malay!! Python, Pygame & Matplotlib hehe. I find that there really is no big setbacks when programming in Malay for small hobby projects.


Lilo & Stitch deleted scenes

I actually played around with translating CPython (3.9+) awhile ago. Their new parser made it much easier though getting unicode to work was tough. It is extremely scrappy & incomplete but I actually now write my hobby programs in malay hehe.

I don't even know what's the best way to share this... I'm thinking like a git patch on an official source code release or something

*Malaysian monarchs exposed illegally aquiring covid vaccines*

hamba_biasa1955: Your chefs got vaccinated too?
Queen: Jealous?

New MatiLab installation 🤗 definitely not just a background image of the IDE hehe. Learning a programming language without ever executing its code is kinda hard ngl

Happy I Love Free Software Day!!!

Hehe mine basically says the same thing as Matthias Kirschner's one in English, "I <3 Free Software because it is a crucial component for the distribution of powers in 21st century demoncracies".

Found out that a MathStackExchange answer of mine had a broken link and decided to add alt-text to the picture while I was at it.

Wow it was difficult, I wonder how blind/low-vision people learn mathematics, especially geometry... Tell me how I did!

My first Metamath speedrun! Go check it out on Odysee hehe I proved 100 formal implications in 38 mins 42 secs. Definitely can go sub-30.

Syukur alhamdulillah Donald Jesus Trump sudah dikalahkan oleh Joseph Mohammed Biden...


Approximation solutions to z⁶-1=0. Generated with 100% Free and Open Source Software.


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