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🔴📻Podcast Toma la Tierra. Especial 50 años de la Revista #SoberaníaAlimentaria‼️

"Verano 2060. La socióloga María Paz Aedo reflexiona sobre los grandes retos de la I Conferencia Global de los Gobiernos Biorregionales y Plurinacionales del Mundo, celebrada en Tenochtitlán.

Además, el equipo visita Moral de Calatrava y el Centro de Enseñanza Compartida que colabora con la Cooperativa Integral Manchega."


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harassment on fedi, unsafe blocking 

blocks on fedi aren't necessarily safe, private, or might not even work as you expect.

if you block a remote user, this spawns a federating message which can be abused. let me explain. 🧵👇 (1/5)

(...) «In the opinion of the Māori, the environment is a lot older than all of us; it knows how to look after itself. You just need to get out, leave it alone and it will heal.». Edward Ashby

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(...) «"We are constantly throwing pathogens — and I mean constantly, every day, hundreds of thousands — from one biogeographic region into another one, (...). Many of them will never find a host there. But some do".

The ones that do usually thrive because the climatic conditions are favorable to their survival and there is a large population of susceptible hosts for them to infect». (...)

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(...) “Plants are moving around the world at an unprecedented rate, and plant diseases are swarming with them. » (...)

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(...) «As the climate shifts and global trade quickens, plant diseases are becoming increasingly frequent, severe and widespread.

Each year, pests and diseases rip through global food crops, where they cause losses of up to 30% of staple crop yields, and dramatically alter the Earth’s natural forest ecosystems... » (...)

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«In an era of animal pandemics — tuberculosis, smallpox, COVID-19 — it’s easy to overlook the fact that plants also experience them, and they can have an equal or more devastating impact on human society»...

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«Pandemics aren’t just for humans — they can sweep through the plant world too. As the planet warms, devastating diseases are being carried to new lands by the infrastructure of global capitalism, wreaking havoc on undefended crops and ecosystems»...

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This is an invitation to share resources (books, webpages, videos, podcasts, organizations) that seek to advance Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility (JEDIA) and anti-oppression. Please include the name, author(s), date if listed, and link.

Collated by Rosa Poirier-McKiggan and Erin Hancock
International Centre for Co-operative Management (
And added to/co-created by ACE forum participants.

June 20, 2022


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En una hora llegaremos a la zona del incendio en Barcia-Melon, al suroeste de #Rivadavia.

Elevaremos una cámara #Gopro con una cometa tipo Delta monohilo de tres metros montada en un estabilizador #Picavet.

Aprende a construirlo con estas instrucciones de montaje.


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If you're using Mastodon, you can put your new posts under maximum privacy by doing both of these:

1. Log in through your server's website, go to Edit Profile > Require follow requests, save changes. This means only people you approve can follow you.

2. Set your posts' privacy to "Followers only" when you post them (the setting with the lock 🔒 logo). You can make "followers only" default by going to Preferences > Other > Posting Privacy > Followers only.

However, only do this if you are okay with greatly restricting your audience by default. These settings will completely prevent non-followers seeing your new posts (unless you manually select a more public privacy setting when you write them).

Non-followers will not be able to search for followers-only posts, or see them in shares.

Also, bear in mind this privacy setting only applies to your new posts. If you've already posted something as public, that old post will remain public.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Privacy

📢 🔄 inscríbete al Encuentro !!

Esta convocatoria masiva ofrecerá formaciones prácticas y participativas para ahondar en contenidos fundamentales y transversales a todas las luchas.

 Será un espacio en el que podréis adquirir herramientas útiles para la planificación de estrategias... y disfrutar :)

xAn boosted, desarrollo y documentación libre y abierta de métodos y herramientas de investigación ambiental accesibles y económicas


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Another productive evening, here's a few highlights:

✨ Profile UI
⚡ FastImage (image caching)
✨ Pagination (infinite scroll)
⚡ Better carousels

We're pausing new feature development to focus on shipping this app ASAP! #pixelfed #pixelfedApp

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Beloved Gardeners*

we are looking for your garden pictures to create a collage of beautiful Open Source Gardens all over Europe 🌻

Your picture can include #OpenSourceSeeds and technologies and can be everything from a single pot to a large community garden.

Read more about how to participate:

and send us your picture until 1. September <3

#Florespondence #DIY #Solarpunk @plants

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"#Solpunk22 is a gathering for anyone interested in creating anything #solarpunk with others!

#Lowtech and community tech, Energy reduction and renewables, sharing resources, temporary nomadic community, dancing, alternative economy, creating a just future, hackathons, dumpster diving, #opensource hardware, software and production, means of care and solidarity, community"

Happening 26-31 August 2022 in Vester Skerninge, Denmark

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Hola #Fedivers, al final ens hem mogut a que va enfocada als moviments socials i per a nosaltres és local també ;D

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