This group is on winter hiatus. In the meantime, my posts will be unrelated to the group to keep the account active.

We are going on a hiatus, and will resume having remote discuss group meetings in a few weeks. There are self defense things that we can discuss remotely, such as reviewing mircoaggressions and mental and emotional readiness!

The meeting started late today, but a lot of important topics were discussed. Open communication helps us all move forward!

A new issue to address is human trafficking. A lot of PSAs are about people walking or with cars, but there are none for other modes of transportation. We will be discussing awareness for cyclists, mostly. And, try to address others; rolls skates, etc.

The next self def meeting will be a review on microaggressions, since it's been so long since the previous meeting.

We will also start discussing how the group will continue after Pap leaves.

Unfortunately, this meeting is canceled. No guest, no person sick, the other drained. This is the first canceled meeting.

Another meetup tomorrow. Unfortunately our planned guest won't make it, and a normal won't be able to make it, so just 2 of us.

Dear shoppers,

To be part of the solution, plz:

* avoid , who was caught funding using .
* avoid /new/ goods unless it's food. Buy /used/ goods or buy services.
* avoid products or services of members (e.g. AT&T, , , , ) b/c ALEC funds climate denial.
* if the gift is for a car driver, buy them a gas g/c NOT from , , or (to mitigate recipients who would buy from the worst)

When you think that useing social media is natural remember you are feeding #dotcons that are all built from the worsted parts of human nature. If you won't civilization and society to continue you cannot keep supporting this #OMN

" and 's insidious control of our digital lives undermines the very essence of and is one of the defining challenges of our era"

Just a quote from

(Now hopefully they come around on )

Our first meeting selfie, and our first guests! one of us couldn't make it, but we will review with that person at our next meeting.

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